Huawei P30, P30 Pro and P30 Lite codenames might be Elle, Vogue and Marie Claire

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Huawei p30, p30 pro and p30 lite codenames might be elle, vogue and marie claire

Three new Huawei gadgets with model numbers these types of as VOG-L29, ELE-L29 and MAR-LX1M have been certified by the Eurasian Economic Commission in Russia. In the past, EEC listings for Huawei smartphones had often carried their device names. But, the names of the aforementioned Huawei models haven’t shown on EEC. A Russian technology publication claims that these could possibly be the codenames of the next Huawei P30 and these names might be based on fashion magazines. Hence, it is guessed that the P30, P30 Pro and P30 Lite could be codenamed as Elle, Vogue and Marie Claire.

In December, an Israeli tech journalist had claimed had shared the render of the Huawei P30 with triple rear cameras. He had claimed that the smartphone measures 148.7 x 70.6mm and he had moreover unveiled that the P30 is codenamed as Elle. Hence, it appears that the Chinese manufacture might be using fashion magazine names as codenames for the Huawei P30, P30 Pro and P30 Pro Lite. An anonymous commenter on GSMArena had revealed Vogue as the codename for the upcoming flagship cameraphone. Maybe, the P30 Pro could be codenamed as Vogue. The MAR could possibly be based on the Marie Claire fashion magazine, claims the Russian publication.

The above codenames have been deduced through unverified sources. Hence, it is advisable to take this report with a pinch of salt and wait for further reports for confirmed reports.

The MAR-AL00/TL00 has presently received certification from 3C body in China earlier this month. Apart from the fact that smartphone may carry support for 18W charging, there is no other reports out there on the gadget. If it is the P30 Lite cameraphone, it might be fueled by the Kirin 710 chipset.

The P30 and P30 Pro are rumored to fueled by Kirin 980 chipsets. They are expected to feature waterdrop OLED panels to carry support for in-display fingerprint camera. The P30 smartphone may have Sony IMX600 in its triple camera setup whereas the P30 Pro could come with quad image sensor module featuring Sony IMX607 as major sensor. The P30 series may debut by March close. Huawei is coming to announce its first foldable cameraphone enabled with 5G support at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 technical trade prove in the expected month.


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