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Some Google Pixel 2 XL displays have less significant color shift

Last year we reported on the tendency of the Google Pixel 2 XL OLED display to rapidly shift colors when the device was tilted and viewed off-axis. Although the behavior is not uncommon for OLED panels, the LG-made panel on the Pixel 2 XL exhibited it to a significant degree, where it was hard not to notice. Not all Pixel 2 XL displays are bad. Some lack the annoying blue shift.— Vlad Savov (@vladsavov) January 15, 2018 We are now hearing reports of users noting that their units don't seem to suffer from the aforementioned problem, at least not the degree...

MWC 2017: Gionee A1, A1 Plus hands-on

Gionee used this year's MWC venue to expand its smartphone lineup with a brand new "A" series of devices. The A1 and A1 Plus are the ambassadors for this new endeavor, which seem to represent the company's best effort to stay relevant and cater to modern demands, while still preserving its traditional strong suits.

Xiaomi opened 16 stores in China this weekend

Xiaomi is expanding its physical presence in China. The company has been opening its own Mi Home stores where it showcases and sells the smart home products that it sells from mobile accessories and home wireless to smartphones and power banks. During a conference last month, CEO Lei Jun announced that the company has set very ambitious goals for expanding its presence in the form of physical locations in major cities all over China. Lei Jun said that 200 stores are planned to be opened this year with the ultimate goal of reaching 1,000 stores in three years. Over the weekend,...

🔥HUAWEI Honor 10 4+128 Versione Globale

🔥HUAWEI Honor 10 4+128 Versione Globale

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💰Prezzo: 330.59€ in offerta lampo

Le caratteristiche:

HUAWEI Honor 10 4G Phablet 5.84 pollici Android 8.1 Kirin 970 Octa-core 2.36 GHz 4 GB di RAM 128 GB di ROM 20.0MP + 16.0MP Fotocamera posteriore 3400mAh Scanner di impronte digitali integrato
Display: schermo da 5,84 pollici 2280 x 1080 pixel
CPU: Kirin 970 Octa-core 2,36 GHz
Sistema: Android 8.1
Memoria: 4 GB di RAM + 128 GB di ROM
Fotocamera: fotocamera posteriore 20.0MP + 16.0MP + fotocamera frontale 24.0MP
Sensore: sensore di gravità, sensore di prossimità, sensore di luce, giroscopio, sensore a infrarossi, bussola elettronica, NFC, sensore di impronte digitali
SIM card: dual Nano SIM, dual standby

● 2G GSM: B2 / B3 / B5 / B8
● 3G WCDMA: B1 / B2 / B5 / B6 / B8 / B19
● 4G FDD-LTE: B1 / B3 / B5 / B7 / B8 / B19 / B20
TD-LTE B38 / B40 / B41

TSMC factory’s defective chemical affects Nvidia and Huawei Kirin chips production

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. production has stopped due to few defective chemical. TSMC is the manufacturer of various chipsets what are ordinarily used on iOS and Android products. It is a production house for alternative chipset makers these types of as Huawei, Apple, Qualcomm, Nvidia, and MediaTek. Presently it is made up of the second production problem in the last six months halting the chipset development process. TSMC is suffering from weak demand because of to the global slowdown in smartphone income. Notably, the company expressed concerns more than the small sales of Apple iPhone and other top quality phones. It even cited the present US-China trade war as a major culprit behind the weak income. This newest glitch will create a troublesome environment for TSMC to process orders timely. According to our sources, TSMC production problem is linked to few defective chemical shipment what is used in the manufacturing of wafer yield in chipsets. A photoresist chemical which is crucial in the chipset development has disrupted the manufacturing process. Majorly the production at Fab 14B site in Southern Taiwan has been affected due to the bad chemical. Huawei’s chipset arm HiSilicon are among the customers who will presently face few production problems. Nvidia is Furthermore going to face few production hurdles after recent TSMC factory glitch. In an formal declaration, the manufacturer said that they are investigating the cause of the problem and responding to consumers. Last year, TSMC encountered a similar situation when a computer virus made them stop production for three days in August. At the time, Apple’s advanced chips production was hindered thanks to an unforeseen situation. Now, we are not completely Indeed whether the recent production issue at TSMC will affect Huawei’s upcoming phones or not. Source, Via