Huawei HiCar – control your automobile with your cameraphone

October 7th, 2019   Penny Snow   news Tags: ,

The most recent and most function out of the Huawei labs is the brand fresh Huawei HiCar. The name first shown last August, where Huawei claimed they were developing a fresh feature that would essentially allow a user to control their automobile via phone. Whereas at the time there were with no specifics, the function is currently almost Below and we’ve obtained more detail on just which same it does.

Huawei HiCar - control your car with your smartphone

There are couple of features that Huawei HiCar makes available to the user. For starters, you could basically control most autonomous functions of your automobile from the app. This applies to stuff as air conditioning, windows, wipers and automobile locks. On top of that, it can Additionally user the car’s cameras to get pictures or videos, which could be useful in a lot of ways. There’s moreover an setup to share these photos and videos, what isn’t like useful however yet interesting.

After the cameraphone and the automobile connect, the central control display on the automobile will display the attributes out there on extra special cards, such like these dedicated to planning reminders, navigating to a destination, playing music, answering calls and to the voice assistant functions. This central hub enables you to make changes simply and quickly. If you’re curious, the answer is with no, you cannot drive your car with you phone.

This function will be coming to the Mate 30 line of products initial, what is to be expected. As claimed by to Huawei however, only flagship products from the manufacturer will be getting the include from this point on, what essentially means just the Mate and P-series products. It’s not fairly surprising, though we would’ve liked to look at this function on few of the inexpensive devices as effectively.


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