Huawei AppSearch helps users to download well known programs with no Google Play Store

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Huawei, the known Chinese tech giant, is currently testing AppSearch. It is a fresh software the manufacturer has created and will seek to aid users in finding well known cameraphone applications with no using Google’s Play Store service.

Huawei AppSearch helps users to download popular apps without Google Play Store

For these unaware, Huawei was hitten with a trade ban by the US Commerce Department back in 2019. The company had been placed on the ‘Entity List’ and was deemed a risk to national security. Thus, Huawei was banned from buying or collaborating products or services with other US based companies. This bundled firms like Google, and with the search giant being barred from working with the Chinese manufacturer, Huawei lost the official Google service and Android support like well.

Huawei AppSearch helps users to download popular apps without Google Play Store 2

Due to the fact then, Huawei has unveiled smartphones with Android Operation system, however these lack the Google Mobile service and are the vanilla variant. Google’s Play Store is the most well known app gallery service in Android so it would be a Good obstacle for Huawei and its large user base. Hence, the manufacturer had previously reported and introduced its Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) and is now searching to further expand its software portfolio through the AppSearch.

Like of right presently, the AppGallery is the formal app store from Huawei that will allow users download programs. Sadly, this now lacks many outstanding apps and does not have the exact number of applications that Google’s Play Store’s vast collection stores. This is wherever the AppSearch arrives in, allowing users to discover and download these types of popular APKs. Users had to initial rely on additional third party apps stores as Amazon or Aptioide, but this could potentially liven up its software database.

AppSearch is presently being tried in Germany and is publically available on the official Huawei Germany web. As claimed by to the official summary, the software targets to help users discover their favorite programs for Huawei smartphones with the HMS. The popular apps that can currently be found include Facebook, WhatsApp and numerous much more. It is in the world for the Mate 30 series, P40 series, and even the Mate Xs.


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