Huawei announces Lithium-Silicon battery, promises huge improvements

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Huawei announces lithium-silicon battery, promises huge improvements

Huawei has earlier a fresh type of battery for use in electronics gadgets. The fresh battery is the industry’s initially lithium-silicon battery and it promises massive improvements in safety and charging speeds.

The battery was revealed on Monday by the Huawei Customer Business Group. Huawei says they swapped the graphite-based anodes for Lithium-Silicon since the latter increases the power retention of the battery and Additionally makes it far more durable.

Huawei believes the fresh battery technology will bring a massive difference to the way we use phones. The reproduced quote below sums up their expectations:

Just such as how multi-touch technology transformed the way reveals work, Huawei’s ultra-fast charging technologies will redefine the way guys use smartphones and free users in nomophobia — the fear of getting no open to smartphones – Huawei

Huawei says the battery has a 3D nitrogen-doped carbon network coating that can be synthesized at a low temperature and has a high conductivity which achievements in ultra-fast charging. Huawei didn’t provide an example of how fast a sample battery could be charged. However, they did mention that ultra-fast charging charges using a low voltage and a high current, unlike most quick charging technologies that use a high voltage-low existing method.

The Chinese manufacturer adds that “the innovation is based on electrochemical kinetics advancements what allow ultra-fast charging batteries to support bigger power efficiency and present input. Leveraging the nitrogen-doped carbon frame, Huawei better the stability intercalation and deintercalation of lithium.”

Unfortunately, there is no info on when the fresh battery tech will enter commercial production yet.

This is Huawei’s second big break in battery tech in just 2 several years. In 2016, it announced it had achieved a breakthrough in Graphene-Assisted High-Temperature Li-ion batteries. Those graphene-infused batteries could work at high temperatures as the graphene helped with heat dissipation. The batteries are also said to have double the battery life of Li-ion batteries.

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