Huawei 5G tech is at least 12 months ahead of other competitors

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Huawei 5g tech is at least 12 months ahead of other competitors

Yesterday, Huawei organized a media roundtable communication meeting with Chairman Liang Hua and had a dialogue with plenty of media outlet. When talking about 5G, Liang Hua said that the opportunities in the 5G market are just beginning. Despite the large external pressures and difficulties, Huawei yet achieved nice achievements in business. At present, Huawei has got 26 5G commercial contracts and signed cooperation agreements with more than 50 business partners about the world. The number of commercial shipments of 5G base stations exceeds 10,000, the biggest in the world.

Huawei has far more than 1,600 5G core patents, accounting for 19% of the entire 5G ESTI regular. This gives the company a core competitive advantage. In the initial half of 2019, Huawei will launch 5G phones equipped with 5G chips and will achieve commercial scale in the second half of 2019. After asked When it comes Huawei’s position on the international 5G track, Liang Hua replied “Huawei has participated in dozens of commercial tests of 5G networks around the world. The test data reveals that Huawei’s existing tech maturity is at least 12 months ahead of other companies in the industry”.

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At the Global Mobile Broadband Forum in London, last month, British Telecom (BT) executives said, “There is only one real 5G supplier, and that is Huawei .” On the other hand, Huawei yet faces a lot of criticism from Indeed countries notably the United States which believes that using Huawei’s 5G equipment poses a threat to national security. Other countries like Austrailia, New Zealand, Czech Republic, and others share this ideology.

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