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Google announces JBL Link Bar, a soundbar with Assistant and Android TV built-in

Google has announced a new product just a day before I/O 2018 kicks off, the JBL Link Bar, a voice controlled sound bar for your television with Android TV built-in. The Link Bar works primarily like any other sound bar; you connect your television and other audio sources to it via HDMI and play all your sounds through it. The party trick here is the Android TV and Assistant built-in. You can turn on your television and switch to any particular channel using your voice. You can ask the Link Bar to play videos off YouTube or songs from Pandora. You can ask questions or tell it to...

Xiaomi releases the retro-styled Elvis Presley radio with HiFi sound top quality

Around August last year, Xiaomi had released the portable Elvis Presley Atomic Player B612 Bluetooth speaker with a design such as a miniature LP player. The device was nicely received perhaps, because of its portable design, powerful output and perhaps the attachment to Elvis Presley. More than 3 decades whenever his death, Elvis Presley is as outstanding in Asia as ever, with fan clubs all over the region – in the Philippines, Japan, South Korea, India, Singapore and Hong Kong. Elvis Additionally has a massive fan base in other continents, a factor that may perhaps have spurred the tech giant to release a second gadget branded when the iconic US musician. The gadget is a smart radio and it comes with a retro design what seems to be which includes the radios in use during the 1960s. The design is a classic one which takes us down memory lane. It even uses manual tuning and amount control knobs instead of buttons. It comes with an elegant moon rock white colour which is coated in 3 layers just which includes automobile paints. This gives it a delicate feel and it doesn’t retain fingerprints incorporates. The body is equipped with a chrome-plated dual-purpose steel handle what could be folded more than the bottom for use as a stand. Thus, it could be placed at home or carried around. The output of the speaker is also an additional deal breaker. The 52mm large-diameter NdFeB full-range speaker guarantees sound quality. The sound is of HiFi quality, bringing a true surround sound performance. Read also: Huawei unveils new AI speaker for Chinese market Unfortunately, there are with no Lots details about this device. Availability is Furthermore not uncovered however it comes with an affordable price tag tag of 499 yuan ($73). Source, via

Huawei Mate 8 already sold out at many retailers in China

Looks like the Huawei Mate 8 smartphone, which was unveiled late last month, is in great demand in China. The flagship went on sale in the country today, and it is being reported that the handset is already sold out at many retailers. This comes just days after He Gang, who heads the Chinese company's smartphone division, said that they high expectations from the device. He also revealed that Huawei is planning to manufacture a whopping one million Mate 8 units per month. (more…)

prezzo Bomba (€52) Originale GoPro Hero CHDHA-301 Azione Sportiva Fotocamera

Originale GoPro Hero CHDHA-301 Azione Sportiva Fotocamera

Lente Ambraella A7LS / 1080P Full HD Super Wide Angolo impermeabile 40m

Coupon: HTY6GPN

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Le caratteristiche:

HERO CHDHA-301 consente di catturare e condividere il tuo mondo. Con l'alta qualità di 1080P 30fps e 720P 60fps video, HERO cattura lo stesso filmato immersivo che ha reso GoPro una delle telecamere più vendute al mondo. Le modalità comode di utilizzo includono Quick Capture, che consente di accendere la fotocamera e di avviare la registrazione con la pressione di un singolo pulsante e di Burst Photo, che cattura sequenze di azione veloce fino a 5 fotogrammi al secondo. Portatile, montato su ingranaggi e integrato in un alloggiamento robusto che è impermeabile a 40 metri, HERO ti aiuta a catturare foto e video che ti fanno sembrare proprio: un HERO.

Splendida qualità video : registra splendidi video 1080P 30fps e 720P 60fps.
Diverse Photo Capture : Cattura 5Mp singole, Time Lapse e Burst foto fino a 5fps.
Microfono incorporato : Registra audio con il microfono incorporato.
Durable + Waterproof a 40 metri (40 piedi) : progettato per resistere ad ambienti e condizioni estreme.
Compatibile con tutti i supporti GoPro: supporti 60+ e accessori. (Non incluso.)
Memoria esterna: Supporta schede T-flash fino a 32 GB. (Non incluso.)

specifiche tecniche:
Marca: GoPro
Modello: Eroe
Numero di modello: CHDHA-301
Lente: F2.8 Lente fissa, Super Wide Angle
Risoluzione foto: 5MP (2592 * 1944)
Risoluzione video: 1080P 30fps, 720P 60fps SuperView, 720P 60fps
Burst Photo: Cattura 10 foto in 2 secondi
Time lapse: intervallo 0.5s
Formato: H.264 / MP4
Interfaccia: Porta Micro USB
Batteria: Batteria al litio da 3,8V 1180mA
Articolo Peso: 111g / 3.9oz
Formato del pacchetto: 10.4 * 10.2 * 24.7cm / 4.09 * 4.02 * 9.72inch
Peso del pacchetto: 430.9g / 15.2oz

Samsung Galaxy Note5 and S6 Edge+ on Verizon receive March security patch

Verizon has rolled out updates to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and the Galaxy Note5 (or technically this, and this). Don't go hoping for Oreos, though - these two are past their expected two-year OS version update period, but security patches are more than welcome. Galaxy S6 Edge+, and what is definitely not the Note5's S-pen Both phablets are getting the March 1 security update from Google, and that's about it - at least according to the Verizon support pages. For those who enjoy keeping track of alphanumeric strings, the respective build numbers are NRD90M.N920VVRS3CRC1 for the...