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Microsoft working on a foldable Surface phone, LG to supply the displays

The so-called "Andromeda" project has been popping up in the news since last year but information is rather scarce. Now, a leaked email along with some new APIs found in Windows 10's latest preview gives us a bit more to speculate about. The Andromeda Surface Phone isn't going to be just a "phone." It's going to be a "pocketable device" following the steps of Microsoft's successful Surface line of laptops with flexible hinges. It aims to be in a class of its own due to its unique form factor and yes, we are talking about a foldable handset. The API allows applications to adjust...

OnePlus 5T Star Wars edition coming to Europe too

Rejoice, young padawans - the OnePlus 5T Star Wars edition is coming to Europe. It is not exclusive to India as previously thought. Europe even gets it a day early - December 14 (there will be an event on the 13th at 16:00). But there's a catch - only Finland, Sweden and Denmark. The phones cost €500 for the 6GB/64GB model and €560 for 8GB/128GB. Yes, the same prices as the regular Midnight Black model. In case you haven't noticed, the Star Wars edition is the only way to buy a white OnePlus 5T. Europeans outside the three countries might need to jump through an extra shipping hoop,...

prezzo Bomba (€222) HKC G4 Plus 23.6 inch Curved Monitor-144HZ

HKC G4 Plus 23.6 inch Curved Monitor-144HZ

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Le caratteristiche:

With broad curvature, ultra-wide aspect ratio and high-quality image, HKC G4 Plus creates a comfortable and amazing viewing experience. The 1800R curvature is currently on the market the minimum curvature display. Wide display with high image resolution and 144Hz high refresh rate reduce blurring and improve clarity. The higher the refresh rate is, the better your picture will be. You can see more content and more detail on one screen with less scrolling.

Main Features
• 1800R curvature, extraordinary visual experience, reduce eye fatigue
• Wide display with high image resolution
• Combined with exceptional 1920 x 1080 resolution
• 144Hz high refresh rate, obviate screen jitters, improve clarity
• Ultra-slim design and Rose gold base, simple and stylish

Flipkart unveils exclusive Samsung Galaxy On8 – a Galaxy J8 with a discount

Flipkart and Samsung unveiled the Galaxy On8 - an exclusive online version of the Galaxy J8. It will be available in Black and Blue starting on August 6. The hardware of the two phones is identical, including the RAM and storage (4GB / 64GB), so it comes down to the price. The Galaxy On8 currently costs INR 17,000 ($250/€210) compared to J8's INR 18,000. That's because of an INR 3,000 discount that Flipkart is currently offering. Yes, the On8 actually has a higher MSRP, though we doubt we'll see the discount go away - otherwise people can just buy the regular version of the...

OnePlus 3T is being discontinued soon, only a few units are still available for purchase

OnePlus has already started talking about its next smartphone, the OnePlus 5. It's teased some possible color versions, and the CEO revealed what chipset will be powering it. As we inevitably get closer and closer to its unveiling, the company seems intent on focusing just on the OnePlus 5. So it's decided to retire the OnePlus 3T. There are apparently only a few units still available for purchase, so if you want a 3T you should grab one as soon as possible. OnePlus says "this is the last call" to buy the 3T "before stock runs out". When that happens, it's all over for what was one of...