HTC is building three tablets?

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HTC is reportedly working on the Nexus 8 tablet, the soon to be newest in Google’s line of products. Codenamed Volantis, the Nexus 8 is supposed to be arriving this summer, although HTC could be adding another couple of tablets alongside the Volantis. According to Evleaks the Taiwanese company is working on three tablets in total and the Nexus 8 is one of those.

Htc is building three tablets?

“Besides the T1 Volantis/Flounder/Nexus 9, HTC is developing two other tablets: the T7 and T12″ Putting two and two together we assume that the codenames mean that HTC is making both a 7-inch and 12-inch slate to go alongside the 8-inch Volantis.

However, the screen size/codename theory falls a little flat when we consider the T1; we doubt we’ll be seeing a 1-inch HTC tab. Three devices from the company certainly makes sense regardless of what size they will be. While the Nexus 8 will be a HTC device, it will very much be Google’s product in much the same way the Nexus 7 is associated with Mountain View and not with manufacturer Asus. In other words, HTC would get a little lost in the Nexus branding and would not get all of the market cache from having a slate. As this will be the company’s first true attempt at a tablet, it stands to reason that HTC will want a standalone slate that carries its branding. Although, we are a little reluctant to believe this leak. Evleaks is among the most reliable whistleblowers out there, but he has been openly duped in regards to HTC’s tablet output in recent months. A 14 year old posing as a HTC source said that the Volantis would come with 5GB of RAM and other high end specs that the tech community fell for. That said, there is a certain amount of logic in HTC releasing multiple tablets, so we will give benefit of the doubt until we know otherwise.

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