How to install the monstrous 98-inch Redmi TV?

May 12th, 2020   Penny Snow   news Tags:

Earlier today (12th May 2020), Wang Ziru, the founder of ZEALER (a firm that evaluates and reviews electronics products), shared a video on his official Weibo account.

On the outstanding Chinese microblogging profile, Wang shared a video that revealed how Redmi installed its monstrous 98 inch Smart TV Max.

How to install the monstrous 98-inch Redmi TV

In the video, it can be observed that you need a dedicated logistics team and labor just to take the massive TV to ones’ doorstep. The delivery for this particular product is specially delivered and installed by trained professionals and not just simply shipped to a consumer. A little truck comes with about 4 or extra employees that have to first check whether or not the large Redmi Smart TV Max 98 inch can even fit the elevator. If not, then they will be carrying it to houses in a tall storied building via the stairs.

Interestingly, Redmi will Additionally be compensating for any damages done to the house or building whereas bringing the TV and will Furthermore have a team to pick up the orders in the case of returns or repairs. For these unaware, the Redmi Smart TV Max 98 inch is now the largest TV ever made by the Chinese manufacturer. It could even be defined as a compact home theatre panel with a high screen to body ratio of 98.8 percent.


Just its dimensions could be enough of a hassle during shipping and even installation. The video broadcasted by Wang Ziru all but confirms the hassle just to take the Smart TV Max 98 inch even to customers’ doors. Fortunately, Redmi has taken different steps to make certain that the process is mostly taken care of. Generally, installing smart TVs is only a one or probably a two-man job, however the 98 inch behemoth takes more than twice that volume all because of to its large dimensions.

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