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Weekly poll: vivo V11, love it or hate it?

Companies tripped over themselves to copy Apple in adding a chunky notch to the screens of their phones and advertise some sort of face recognition. That didn't last long - we're seeing a surprisingly strong push against that design coming from China. The vivo V11 (aka V11 Pro) has a teardrop notch and an in-display fingerprint reader. And as we've already established in-display readers are the future. The BKK group is behind several of the phones sporting this look, including the similar Oppo F9. But here's where the V11 has an edge. It has a slightly larger screen - 6.41" vs. 6.3"...

Meizu 16 coming to India on December 5

Meizu introduced the 16 series earlier this year, but up until now, the devices were available only in China. That's about to change though as the Indian division of the company started posting teasers on Twitter, confirming that the flagships will hit the country on December 5. Currently, the company has three phones under the 16 family - the Snapdragon 845-powered Meizu 16 and Meizu 16 Plus that differ only in screen and battery size, and a third downgraded Meizu 16X with similar product design and lowered price tag. While the Meizu 16, also known as Meizu 16th depending on...

Xiaomi unveils ultra short throw Android Laser Projector

There isn't a cinephile that hasn't though about setting up a projector at home. Most listen to their practical side and stick with large TVs, but if you don't feel like listening, maybe Xiaomi's new ultra short throw projector is just what you want. You place it 5cm-50cm (2"-20") from the wall and it can create a picture as large as 150". Maybe you don't want to go that big since this is a 1080p projector (or maybe you just don't have the room). Still, at CNY 10,000 - $1,500/€1,300 if it's ever sold outside of China - it is very reasonably priced. A similar $1,000 projector by Sony...

Deals: refurbished iPhone 7 and OnePlus 3T available on eBay UK

Here are a couple of good UK deals for two of the best phones from 2016 - the iPhone 7 and OnePlus 3T. These are unlocked refurbished handsets and their software support story is pretty good. The iPhone 7 starts at £260 for the 32 GB version in Good condition, £330 for the 128 GB model and £370 for 256 GB. A pristine unit will set you back £425 (new units are available from Apple for £550), it's available only in 32 GB flavor. The OnePlus 3T is £170 with 64 GB storage, Gunmetal and Soft Gold colors are available. The iPhone will get iOS 12, which was unveiled just a week ago....

Xiaomi releases a massive 34-inch curved gaming monitor

Xiaomi has Presently launched two gaming monitors in China — one with a huge 34-inch panel and other with a 23.8-inch panel. With this, the company has currently officially entered a new device category of gaming monitors. Mi Surface Screen 34-Inch

Xiaomi Mi Surface Screen 34-Inch

As the name indicates, the Mi Surface Screen 34-inch ships with a huge 34-inch large curved panel getting 21:9 aspect ratio, 3440 x 1440 pixels display resolution, and 144Hz refresh rate, 1500R curvature. Xiaomi launches a huge  34-inch curved gaming monitor 2 There’s Furthermore AMD Freesync and low Blu-ray mode and the color gamut is 121 percent sRGB. The curved panel moreover comes with a bracket which will allow users to make adjustments for lifting and rotating the display. The manufacturer has said that the screen and the bracket and magnetically snapped along and Xiaomi is Furthermore providing a three-year warranty for the same. While Xiaomi has not revealed this, information indicate that the panel is included by Samsung. Xiaomi’s new Mi Surface Display 34-Inch is valued at 2,499 Yuan which roughly converts to $352. But, the pricing for those who pre-books the products is 1,999 Yuan (~$282) and will go on sale from 21st October.

Xiaomi Mi Screen 23-Inch

Xiaomi launches a huge  24 -inch monitor Together with the huge 34-inch curved gaming monitor, the company has Furthermore released a more traditional Mi Display 23.8-Inch, which like you expect, attributes a 23.8-inch screen. The Full HD screen supports wide-angle viewing of 178-degrees. It has a standard design and the control buttons hidden at the right-side backside display bezel inside the screen. It ships with a cylindrical bracket which can adjust the angle of the viewing but does not seem to support the vertical adjustment. Continuing with the Xiaomi’s minimalistic design, the back display of the monitor is clean and simple with just the branding and a HDMI port alongside with a power provide port. The Mi Screen 23.8-Inch is priced at 699 Yuan (~$98) and will go on sale from 21st October.