Honor 10 GT with GPU Turbo is the Initially 8 GB RAM Phone by Huawei

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Honor 10 gt with gpu turbo is the initially 8 gb ram phone by huawei

Today, Huawei’s sub-brand Honor has launched the Honor 10 GT phone. As the name offer, the smartphone is equipped with GPU Turbo technology. Also, the Honor 10 GT is the first Huawei cameraphone to function 8 GB of RAM.

The Honor 10 GT is nothing but an enhanced variant of Honor 10 that was earlier in April. The GPU Turbo is a software and hardware graphics acceleration tech that could considerably improve the GPU performance of the device by 60 percent. Popular graphics intensive games which includes “King of Glory“ could run with no any lag. Even budget phones with GPU Turbo could outperform flagship smartphones when it comes to graphics performance. The fresh technology In addition reduces the GPU power consumption by 30 percent.

The Honor 10 GT is packed with 8 GB of RAM. The Huawei P20 series features Super Night time Scene function alongside with AIS Smart Image Stabilization for capturing Very shots at night. The exactly function will be made out there to Honor 10 GT through a beta improve in July 12. The rest of the technical specs of the Honor 10 GT is exact same as that of the usual Honor 10. Hence, it features Kirin 970, 24-megapixel front digital camera, 24-megapixel + 16-megapixel dual scanner and 5.84-inch notched IPS LCD screen.

The Honor 10 GT will be built available for buying in July 24 and its pricing will be noted later.

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