GT King Amlogic 922 thermal mod

June 30th, 2019   Penny Snow   Reviews and coupons Tags: , ,

Presently I’m heading to show you how to lower your CPU temps with 10 to 15 degrees on your GT King 922x Amlogic.

We presently reviewed this Amlogic 922 monster and as you can look at the max temp was 71 degree.
Let’s see what will get whenever making the thermal mod.


So initial we require to open the package.
It’s quite easy – no screws just use few thin tools like guitar pic to remove the bottom back.


Then unscrew the board and you’ll see the Chip metal cover which contact with the base heat sink with few strange sponge thermal pad.


On the opposite side of Chip cover wee view that the Amlogic 922 was not contacting great.


And as you can view the heat sink has some good colors what means that high temps are beeing.


So which we need?


– a copper Heatsink 20mmx20mmx1.2mm
Silicon Thermal Pad 100x100x2mm
– Arctic MX-4 thermal compound

Let’s started.

Initial clean the old thermal paste.


We won’t use the Processor metallic cover so just leave it.

Now apply a drop of Arctic MX-4 thermal compound on the Amlogic 922.


Then place the copper Thermal pad over it.


Presently cut the Silicon Thermal Pad exact same size like copper one and apply it above.


We are prepared to put the package areas together.

Whenever we’ve done it’s time to test which we’ve achieved.

let’s run Antutu test.


And presently we view that the temps not exceed 54-56 degree after on stock we had 71-degree max.

So we’ve dome excellent work only for 15min work 🙂

Note: This thermal mod won’t increase your CPU score however won’t let it to throttling whenever you play games for example!

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