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Watch a Samsung Galaxy S8 get disassembled and destroyed on video

There's still a little bit of waiting to be done on Samsung latest flagship pair. But even though the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are yet to hit shelves, there is already no shortage of various "test" videos on YouTube. Granted, things have been pretty tame so far, with most videos revolving around the unboxing experience and first look. So, if you were hoping for something more exciting, like baking the poor S8, or dunking it in some outlandish liquid, you should check back later. However, some of the more recognizable faces in this "destruction" niche have already managed to get their hands on the...

Xiaomi surpasses 25 million smartphone sales in India

Conquering the Indian market is definitely the next big cornerstone to pursue on the smartphone road map. Xiaomi clearly has its sights set on the price ever since it started catering to a demographic Google so affectionately refers to as "the next billion users". .@XiaomiIndia has sold more than 25 Mn phones till now, since our first phone launch in July 2014, 3 years & 1 month ago. #25MillionMi (1/2)— Manu Kumar Jain (@manukumarjain) August 31, 2017 The Chinese company's VP Manu Kumar Jain took to twitter today to put the success in perspective, boasting...

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 specs sheet leaks, details the screen and keyboard

With no S8, the Galaxy Tab S3 will be the star of Samsung's show. The tablet boasts some high-end features worthy of attention, but perhaps not patience - why wait when you can have a look at this leaked infographic? The Tab S3 will feature a 9.7" screen with HDR support and an S Pen for all your sketching needs. Pogo pins allow for a hardware connection to the keyboard, avoiding the hassle of a Bluetooth connection and further enhancing productivity. If you want to play, the Tab S3 can play. Its chipset supports Vulkan, the latest 3D API for the best eye candy, and AKG tuned the...

Five Galaxy Note8 videos that highlight its best qualities

The S Pen and the dual camera separate the Samsung Galaxy Note8 from the Galaxy S phones, but it won't be until September 15 at the earliest before you can try them yourself. For now you can watch these videos that will walk you through the best parts of the stylus and camera. There's a video that shows off the DeX dock too - this one will be a freebie for Europeans who buy a Note8 before September 24. Here's a playlist of 5 videos that show off the best of the new flagship, including productivity features and its design story. Source

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