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Oppo R9s to have Sony IMX398 camera sensor

The Oppo R9s is not exactly a secret - aside from the leaks, there's already been a TV commercial running in China. The logical next step has followed and the company has sent out invites for the launch event, scheduled to be held on October 19. That's not all, however. Apparently, the smartphone's camera will be based on a new Sony-made IMX398 sensor. On top of the obvious (and also largely meaningless) fact that it's 98 more than the IMX300 imager Sony uses in its own high-end Xperias, the source states that the sensor is a 16MP dual-pixel affair (similar to the 12MP Samsung Galaxy S7 camera). Lens aperture is also said to match the Samsung flagship at f/1.7. (more…)

New Pixel 3 XL hands-on reveals even more details: 6.7″ screen, 3,430 mAh battery

Although it's still almost two months away from becoming official, Google's Pixel 3 XL just can't stop leaking. Following a video unboxing, the same Russian tech blogger who somehow managed to get a pre-production unit is now back with a hands-on video of the phone. The pictures below are all extracted from that (since the video is on Telegram and only available as a download). Pixel 3 XL live images Here's the nitty gritty. The Pixel 3 XL will have a 6.7-inch 1440x2960 touchscreen, which is pretty huge even by today's notched standards. The phone will be powered by a 3,430 mAh...

Samsung Galaxy S8 to be released on April 28, a week later than initially planned

The rate at which new rumors and leaks about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 are popping up nowadays can make it hard to keep up with all the details. One thing that's remained steady in most mumblings we've heard so far has been the purported release date for the two handsets - April 21. We've had no reason to doubt this since the unveiling is actually happening on March 29 as has been rumored before that date became official. And the same sources that had shared that also talked about the April 21 in-store launch. Now though one of those sources is back with an updated release date for...

Apple WWDC ’18: what to expect

Apple's World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) starts on Monday, June 4 and runs through June 8 in San Jose, CA. When Tim Cook and co take to the stage on June 4 10:00 am Pacific Time to start proceedings, some announcements will be a sure thing. While we may not see much in the way of hardware announcements, it's entirely possible that with the world's attention on Apple's Keynote we could see some things come in from left field, so here are our predictions of what to expect, mixed in with what we'd like to see. As a developer-centric event, Tim Cook will give a brief update on the size...

Nokia 2.1 vs Huawei Y5 Lite vs Samsung Galaxy J4 Core

In our opinion, Android Go smartphones are currently the best different for guys who are in search of the cheapest devices. Because of to an enlightened variant of Google’s running system, they are able to supply soft performance even with an low-level or outdated hardware department. The newly-announced Huawei Y5 Lite, Nokia 2.1 and Samsung Galaxy J4 Core are among the most recent devices with Android Go inside, and this is a comparison between their specs that we published to crystal clear your ideas about those fairly budget handsets.


With its narrow bezels and its sleek body, Samsung Galaxy J4 Core looks like the handset with the most modern and nice design. Huawei Y5 Lite is a lot more modest and lightweight, so there is certainly someone who will like it more. However Nokia 2.1 does not convince me at all due to its thick bezels and a high thickness. However, it has some advantages under other points of look at. However if you need the most beautiful cameraphone, you should go for Samsung Galaxy J4 Core or Huawei Y5 Lite. Nokia 2.1 has the suitable build high quality due to an aluminum body, the Gorilla Glass protection by Corning for the panel, and it even has stereo speakers.


All these gadgets have sufficient displays, but they are not so exciting thanks to their low HD+ resolution. But considering that many smartphones in their price range have even even worse displays, we can call them acceptable. If you are seeking the suitable display quality you must go for the Nokia 2.1 or Samsung Galaxy J4 Core, but I would choose Nokia 2.1 because of its stereo speakers that unveield an added value whenever it arrives to multimedia. Note that it has a 5.5-inch panel with the 16:9 aspect ratio, so it offers far more or much less the exact surface as the Samsung Galaxy J4 Core equipped with a 6-inch 18:9 panel.

Nokia 2.1 vs Huawei Y5 Lite vs Samsung Galaxy J4 Core: Specifications

Nokia 2.1 vs huawei y5 lite vs samsung galaxy j4 core The hardware department is excellent on the Samsung Galaxy J4 Core because of to the Snapdragon 425 SoC performing improved than the MediaTek MT6739 found on the Nokia 2.1. Nokia 2.1 has a Sd 425 as nicely, but it only offers 8 GB of internal storage, although Samsung Galaxy J4 Core has 16 GB. All the products function expandable storage due to a micro SD slot, however Samsung Galaxy J4 Core supports up to 512 GB additional, although Nokia 2.1 and Huawei Y5 Lite stop at 128 and 256 GB, respectively. On the other hand, they have a micro SD dedicated tray, unlike the Galaxy J4 core which uses the dual SIM slot.

Image sensor

I do not such as any of the cameras mounted on those handsets, they are only nice for emergency pics in Really nice light conditions. But if I had to make a choice, I would consider Huawei Y5 Lite judging from its technical specs on the paper. It comes with an 8 MP f/2.0 main digital camera and a secondary 5 MP image sensor for selfies which is equipped with a LED flash just like the main camera. But Samsung Galaxy J4 Core must not be far from its camera experience. On the other hand, do not choose by basing on the digital cameras as they are not their strong point.


A 4000 mAh battery mounted on a low-end cameraphone can give an popular battery life what could even pass 2 days. That is exactly the case of the Nokia 2.1 what would make every user ignore the wall charger at home. The second place goes to Samsung Galaxy J4 Core with its well-optimized power consumption and a satisfying 3300 mAh battery. Huawei Y5 Lite is yet sufficient, however it is not able to compete with its rivals due to its compact 3020 mAh battery.


With the exception of the Samsung Galaxy J4 Core introduced with a price tag tag of about ?150, you can find both Nokia 2.1 and Huawei Y5 Lite for about ?100. Nokia 2.1 wins this comparison because of its huge battery making the change, as well as a good build excellent and its stereo speakers.

Nokia 2.1 vs Huawei Y5 Lite vs Samsung Galaxy J4 Core: PROs and CONS

Samsung Galaxy J4 Core PROs Wide panel Thinner bezels Cheap price Front-facing LED flash CONS Potentially higher price Nokia 2.1 PROs Big screen Biggest battery Inexpensive Stereo speakers Micro SD dedicated slot CONS Bezels Huawei Y5 Lite PROs Modest dimensions Micro SD dedicated slot Front-facing LED flash Cheap CONS Smaller battery