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Razer Phone shipments in UK delayed until next week

Today is the day that the Razer Phone is shipping to UK customers who pre-ordered it, but there is a bit of an issue. One Three UK customer pre-ordered expecting same day delivery of the Razer Phone but received a delivery estimate of November 20. He promptly contacted Three UK support and found out that the deliveries will come on November 22 due to shipping delays. Some users have reported that they are getting the Razer Phone delivered today so maybe some stock has been received from Razer. Will you order a Razer Phone for yourself? If you are unsure whether it's worth it -...

Motorola Gamepad Moto Mod hands-on review

Motorola's Moto Mods are still a work in progress but at least Motorola is keen on keeping progress going. The latest Mod is the Gamepad and it can turn a Moto Z-series phone into a portable Nintendo Switch-like console. The Gamepad Moto Mod has all the controls you need - dual shock sticks, a D pad, X/Y/B/A buttons and dual switches in the left and right top corners. On the back there's a red symbol that illuminates during gameplay. Outside of its styling, what makes the Gamepad Moto Mod better than the myriad of Bluetooth gamepads out there is the seamless connection. Simply...

Deal: Grab the Essential Phone for $435

If you are in the US, and are planning to purchase the Essential Phone (PH-1), you might want to check out the deal Amazon is offering on the device - the retailer has the phone for listed for $434.99. That, if you compare, is down from the $499 price Essential is officially asking for the handset. Agreed, we've seen better Essential Phone deals in the past, but none of those is available now. Plus, $65 isn't a meh discount by any standards in this case. For more info, the Source link below will take you to Amazon to check this out. Source

Watch Acer’s IFA livestream here

The IFA events have begun - Acer is currently streaming its press-conference and 360° cameras seem to be a hot topic. There are a number of laptops and 2-in-1s on stage too. The company also showed off the Aspire S 24 All in One computer, which features an 8th gen Intel chip (the first in the world) and a screen that measures a mere 6mm thick. There's a built-in Qi wireless charger and a subwoofer at the base below the screen too. Watch the stream for more new devices.

Possible Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 specs include Snapdragon 660 chipset

It has been over a year since the last Xiaomi tablet, so hints of the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 are coming just in time. The info was dug up by @FunkyHuawei who explores ROM configurations for clues of hardware features. The tablet will be powered by a Snapdragon 660 chipset, according to its build.prop. There's no info on RAM size and the presence of a microSD card is not quite certain. The screen of the tablet will have 320 dpi, though that doesn't tell us much of its size and resolution. Info on the Mi Pad 4 cameras is more certain - there will be a 13 MP OmniVision OV13855 on the back...