Early Snapdragon 8150 results appear in Geekbench

November 1st, 2018   decode   news

Out of the blue, the first phone with Snapdragon 8150 was announced (the first foldable phone to boot), but we’ve seen little of the chipset so far. Benchmark runs from it started appearing in Geekbench, giving us an early peek at the performance to come (the results appear to be from a reference device rather than the FlexPai).

The 8150 chip should be based on a new generation Kryo cores. Qualcomm is mum on the setup, but rumor has it that it’s a 2+2+4 instead of the usual 4+4. The Kirin 980, a competing 7nm chipset that’s already on the market, has a similar three tier design and divides…

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