“Dragonfly” halted ! Google’s censored search engine for China has reportedly suspended when internal confrontation

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“dragonfly” halted ! google’s censored search engine for china has reportedly suspended when internal confrontation
A couple of months ago, it was noted that Google, the world’s bringing search engine, is working on a secret project for the Chinese market. That secret project, Dragonfly gadget, was a censored search engine for China.

However, as per the latest reports, amid outcry indoor and outdoor of Google, the manufacturer has set aside its controversial push to launch a censored search service in China. The pressure appears to have caused leaders to “shelve it at least in the short term,” said the report from The Intercept.

The report When it comes Google working on a censored search engine for China had already caused an outcry among human rights activists who were concerned that the manufacturer would block a long list of foreign websites and search queries like the 1989 Tiananmen massacre and reports When it comes the Chinese leadership.

As per the report, plenty of Google engineers working on the project have reportedly been reassigned to projects related to Brazil, Indonesia, Russia, and other countries.

In 2008, Google purchased 265.com, a outstanding Chinese web directory, which moreover has a search feature, however queries are redirected to Baidu, China’s most well known search engine. Before they’re sent to Baidu, however, they are Furthermore sent back to a Google database. Google was reportedly using this as a way to effectively build blacklists to deliver Dragonfly compliant with Chinese censorship regulations.

Google then apparently used this large set of queries to “improve” its own results. The “data analysis system” that Google was using to develop Dragonfly was not disclosed to the privacy team. After raising concerns, Dragonfly engineers have been prevented from analyzing 265.com queries, and that has brought the project to a standstill.

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Whenever years of being absent from China’s web search market, Google had wanted to launch the Dragonfly product in soon 2019. Alphabet’s search engine platform was pulled out by the company in 2010 although its video platform YouTube has been blocked in China.

Last week, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that Google had no immediate targets to launch Dragonfly in China, although his answers were vague enough to not rule out any future action.

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