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Huawei patents smartwatch with Bluetooth earbuds holster

Huawei is back at it again with the unusual patents in the smartwatch industry. After patenting a touch-sensitive bezel, gestures on the back of the hand and a gaming smartwatch, the latest information is for Bluetooth earbuds-charging pod. The wireless earphones can either be stored in the wristband or in a holster that is attached to the strap. The built-in solution would enable easier phone calls, noise cancellation and waterproofing. Huawei has patented several ways of charging, if the earbuds are stored in the body - they can either be where the watch is attached to the strap...

Check out the first Galaxy S8 Oreo beta screenshots

The Oreo beta testing on Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ is underway and this means we get an early glimpse of what the new firmware will offer. The first screenshots come courtesy of redditor thesbros who revealed plenty of details about it along with some comments about performance and appearance. Samsung Galaxy S8 Oreo screenshots Oreo is bringing App icon badges, detailed control of notifications and long press for context menus to the Samsung flagships. There is also history for the search bar in Settings. Some more Galaxy S8 Oreo...

Apple increases iPhone 11 Pro price in India after rise in Custom Duty

Apple has officially raised the prices of its current flagship smartphones, the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max in India. The hike in price tag arrived after the Indian Government increased the Basic Custom Duty rates (BCD) after the newly recent union budget was publicly announced. The iPhone 11 Pro series wasn’t the only device affected as the iPhone 8 series prices have moreover been affected. Especially, additional Apple smartphones like the iPhone XR and iPhone 7 prices will not be affected like the Cupertino based giant has been assembling Those models locally within India through its known manufacturers Foxconn and Wistron. Furthermore, iPhone 11 prices will Additionally remain unchanged as the company determined to absorb the price tag after the increased customs duty. Apple’s other product offerings like the prices of the Apple Watch, Mac and iPads are unaffected like effectively. So now, the iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB version is valued at 1,11,200 INR while the 256GB variant is offered at 1,25,000 INR and 512GB version ships at 1,43,200 INR. Previously, the model started from 1,09,900 INR in India. Similarly, the iPhone 11 Pro 64GB variant is presently valued at 1,01,200 INR even though the 256GB variant currently sells for 1,15,200 INR and 512GB carries a value tag of 1,33,200 INR. The smartphone was originally offered at 99,900 INR. Lastly, the iPhone 8 Plus 64GB variant will with no sell for 50,600 INR and its 128GB version be valued at 55,600 INR. The base iPhone 8 64GB currently costs 40,500 and the 128GB variant is currently sold for 45,500. Read also More than a Billion iPhone iOS and Android cameraphone are affected by a flaw in the Wi-Fi Cpu Hence a value hike varying from 1,300 to 700 INR can be observed in the aforementioned Apple iPhones. In 2019, Apple saw one of its perfect performances in India as it finished sith in Q4 of 2019. Its the highest ranking the company has ever reported on because of 2013, according to Canalys. Apple sold more than 925,000 iPhones in the final quarter which is nearly double that of the exact quarter from the previous year. Via

OnePlus One and OnePlus 2 to get Android Marshmallow in Q1 2016

A OnePlus staff member shared the company's Android plans over the OnePlus official forum. The shared details include timeframe for OnePlus One, Two and X.
OnePlus One will be the first to get Android Marshmallow as Cyanogen is already working on its next major version and the update will begin seeding in Q1 2016. OnePlus also offers Oxygen ROM for the OnePlus One, but it will receive the Marshmallow update at a later point, following the Cyanogen OS release. OnePlus 2 will also be getting its Marshmallow-sweeten Oxygen update through the first quarter of 2016. This update will also allow users and developers to use the default Google API for the fingerprint scanner, as it is currently locked to non-default apps by not having a proper API. Finally, OnePlus X is also greenlighted for Android 6 Marshmallow update, but its time frame is yet to be announced. Judging by the plans for Q1 release of the One and Two updates, we guess the X may be getting it in Q2 next year. Source

iPhone XS and XS Max drop test doesn’t end well

Apple made some big claims about the durability of the glass used on the new iPhone XS and XS Max making the first drop test videos particularly interesting. Even though the handsets feature "the strongest glass ever on a phone," the iPhone XS and XS Max are still fragile glass sandwiches. All it takes is a drop on concrete and the back and front panels shatter. The repair cost of the back panel is a whopping $599 on the iPhone XS Max while the front will set you back $329. However, both smartphones proved that they are beer-proof. The iPhone XS and XS Max were dunked in a 1.5-meter...