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DOOGEE Xmas sale event is up!

DOOGEE brand is fairly known for making a very pleasant “S series” rugged smartphones and their popularity is Furthermore fueled with the actually low-cost pricing of those models. And with the existing Xmas sale event the prices are dropping even further more so all the rugged cameraphone lovers must start paying attention straight away, because it’s not going to last long. Doogee xmas sale event is up! In the DOOGEE Xmas sale you can discover a wide range of their rugged cameraphone models, from the small DOOGEE S60 with 5,2-inch panel, Helio P25 processor, NFC and wireless charging for just $239.99, through the gaming rugged DOOGEE S70 with 5.99-inch panel, Helio P23 processor or gamepad support for $279.99 or the newest DOOGEE S80 with extreme 10.080 mAh battery ability and walkie-talkie performance for $399.99. Doogee xmas sale event is up! But there are of course in between all of the other rugged DOOGEE models such as the S55, S55 Lite, S70 Lite, S80 Lite and plenty of additional Therefore make sure you are checking out all of the Xmas sale features. There is moreover a special Wheel of Luck giveaway promo and every single registered account on their website has at least one possibility to win few of the fairly appealing Xmas gifts. So give it a spin, although you are there too. Read also: Doogee S90 with Night Vision camera module opens a new game of possibilities to photographers

Poll results: Xperia XZ Premium voted best H1 phone, Galaxy S8 a close second

It was an exciting race, but the Sony Xperia XZ Premium won at the end. The Samsung Galaxy S8 took the early lead, but votes fizzled out quickly while the Sony got more consistent votes and eventually the Xperia took first place. Even a big push at the end for the Galaxy didn't suffice for the win. Still, the end result is very close - the Xperia XZ Premium won the poll with 42% of the votes, the Galaxy S8 came second with 40%. Fan affections may be divided, but only among those two. No other contestant managed to crack the 10% barrier. The LG G6 came the closest with 8%, but it's...

Samsung unveils ISOCELL Dual: a complete dual-cam solution for phones on a budget

Samsung only recently adapted dual camera setups and apparently it's a fan. The company wants to help others develop mid to entry-level phones quickly with an integrated solution - it provides both the dual camera module and the necessary image processing algorithms. For the first ISOCELL Dual outing, Samsung chose to focus on two popular uses of dual cameras - refocusing (bokeh) and low-light shooting. There's a catch though, there is no single module that can do both. Instead, companies can choose between a 13MP + 5MP setup for a bokeh-shooting camera and an 8MP + 8MP for a...

HTC 5G Hub to supply 5G support on 20 products simultaneously

Irrespective of going through a bad phase in the mobile device market, the Taiwanese company is actively working on 5G products. Week ago at MWC 2019, HTC has released a new 5G Hub tablet device which will act as a 5G modem. The new 5G technology is in its initial stages of deployment, and even compatible products have just started appearing in the market. The HTC 5G hub is the newest to join the 5G compatible gadgets list.

HTC 5G Hub Specifications

The HTC 5G Hub is a tablet gadget what carries a 5-inch display and runs on Android. It can act as a router to give blazing quick 5G speeds to connected gadgets. The device itself is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset coupled with X50 modem. Its modem is in a position of promoting download speeds of 2.3 Gbps. The Hub runs on Android 9 Pie and UI is specially developed to act as a hub. As of now, it’s unclear that it has Play Store open or not. It ships with 4GB RAM and 32GB of internal memory. There’s an ethernet port moreover to attach any gadget via it. Htc 5g hub to supply 5g support on 20 products simultaneously Further, it will allow gadgets to download movies, watch 4K videos and play online games concurrently. To keep operating for longer times, the HTC 5G Hub carries a 7660 battery. It could efficiently work continuously for a working day if you’re using it at optimum levels with two-three gadgets connected. Even though, it’s unclear on how much battery backup time it can give, as there’s no real-world 5G network available to test it. Moreover, the gadget can act as a charger for your phone too. There are multiple claims regarding the gadget from the company side. Initial, it will supply 5G connectivity across 4G compatible products. Secondly, the manufacturer claims that it is “at the forefront of cloud-based virtual reality (VR) tech, due to the fact “users will be capable to stream VR content from the cloud to a VIVE Focus headset via the HTC 5G Hub.” Now, it will be out there exclusively from Sprint stores in the United States. Further, HTC has aims to sell it in European nations these types of as Germany, Switzerland, Finland and others. The telecom providers this kind of as Telstra Three UK, Deutsche Telekom, Sunrise and Elise would be partnering with HTC to launch it in respective markets. It will be made out there by Q2 2019. (Source)

ZTE nubia Z18 photographed in the wild

ZTE's nubia Z18 mini is official and it has already been through a few rounds of sales. And yet its bigger sibling, the ZTE nubia Z18 is still missing. The phone has been teased, it posted impressive scores in AnTuTu and we even saw a live photo of it. Here are a few more photos, this time without the odd angles and reflections. For example, you can now clearly see the Essential-style notch that holds the selfie camera. The next photo shows the viewfinder of the camera. ZTE nubia Z18 poses for a few unofficial photos According to TENAA, we're looking at a 24 MP + 8 MP dual...