Coupon Xiaomi 8H U Shaped Neck Pillow Sleeping Cushion

Xiaomi 8H U Shaped Neck Pillow Sleeping Cushion

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Le caratteristiche:

The natural essential from Rayong
Rayong located in Thailand, is the recognized latex origin area. The weather in there is warm and damp, so the quality of the natural latex fluid from Rayong is excellent
latex particles are more comfortable
The particles have mobility, which effectively magnifies the advantages of soft, high elasticity and breathable
Weave after dyeing, safe and skin-friendly
The exterior pillow cover is made of Sinkiang cotton, the fabric is soft, elastic and breathable
Double twisted knitting techniques, skin-friendly feeling
8H adopts Z twist and S twist knitting techniques. We make the fabric soft and elastic while increasing the breathable capacity, no pilling, the fabric is softer than your underwear
With Polygiene antibacterial
We have added Polygiene into the fabric while spinning. Polygiene silver ion antibacterial from Sweden can effectively inhibit the fungus and bacteria, prevent the growth of bacteria, protect the natural colonies on your skin, and eliminate odor
Japan Nifco professional buckle
This professional buckle has brilliant durability, it can resist to the tough environment