Coupon 4pcs Xiaomi ZI7 AAA 700mAh 1.2V Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery

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Nuovo 4pcs Xiaomi ZI7 AAA 700mAh 1.2V Rechargeable

Coupon: ZI7GB

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Xiaomi has its own rechargeable battery – Xiaomi ZI7 AAA Ni-MH Battery
Classic black and white design, 4pcs in a box. It is a great value collection; a decent, high-end gift; a carefully and beautifully engraved artwork.

Main Features:
1500 Times Cycle Life
1pc ZI7 is equivalent to 1500pcs premium cells, which reduces the wasted batteries and environmental pollution

Produced by Famous Manufacturer in Japan
Every ZI7 battery is produced by famous manufacturer in Japan, ensuring 700mAh high capacity and long life time

Low Self-discharge
After fully charged and stored for one year, ZI7 still remains around 80pct of its original capacity

No Memory Effect
The ZI7 can be charged and discharged at anytime, the usable capacity of battery will not reduce, and the correlation between voltage and charge status won’t be shifted

Fearless about Coldness
ZI7 can keep excellent performance even under subzero 20 degree centigrade ( charge / discharge temperature: -0 – 40 / -5 – 50 degree centigrade )

● ZI7 is not recommended to be used below subzero 10 degree centigrade
● ZI7 is recommended to be used with Xiaomi Ni-MH battery charger ( not included )

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