Chuwi Hipad Tablet Quick Review

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Chuwi Hipad Gaming Tablet Intro

The Chuwi Hipad offers solid tablet gaming functionality in a sleek steel body.

Chuwi has been pumping out a lot of tablets and laptops more than the last year. And pretty frankly, all of them has nery nice design.

Chuwi hipad tablet quick review

I reviewed a couple of their laptops and tablets in the past. And currently, I’ll introduce to you their newest low-cost gaming tablet – the Chuwi Hipad.

With an really low-cost value tag, the Hipad offers excellent specifications wrapped up in an astonish all-metal chassis.
It’s super sleek at 9.4mm and stays real to its “gaming” route with red detailing over the back show.

Chuwi hipad tablet quick review

Chuwi Hipad operating Android 8.0, and arrives with barely any bloatware.

Now, with all the introductory things out of the way, let’s look at what main specs suggests the Chuwi Hipad.

Android 8.0
Offers more powerful performance brings you more smooth and wonderful user experience
● MT6797X ( X27 ) Deca Core
Ultra-low-voltage platform and quad-core processing provide maximum high-efficiency power
● ARM Mali-T880 MP4 GPU
Dual graphics supported, better and faster in playing games and watching videos
● 3GB RAM for Advanced Multitasking
Substantial high-bandwidth RAM to smoothly run your games, photos and video-editing applications
32GB SSD Storage Capacity
Provides room to store pictures, videos, music and more
● Front Camera and back camera for Photos
5.0MP front camera and 5.0MP back camera allows you to capture memorable moments or chat with friends
● Dual Band 2.4GHz / 5.0GHz WiFi
802.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless Internet, allows you to connect to the Web while within range of an available wireless network

Chuwi Hipad Dispay

Chuwi hipad tablet quick review

The gadget has a 10.1-inch display, with a 16:10 aspect ratio.
With a 10.1-inch show, you purchase noticeably extra screen, what is same what we need in a gaming tablet.
Unlike the 2K present we find on the Chuwi Hi9 Air, the Hipad offers 1080P display with an 18:9 resolution.
This lower resolution means you’ll get more performance from the Hipad as there are less pixels for the Chip to compute.
The PPI (Pixels per inch) is yet a good 224 which letting your games pop with crispness.

Viewing angles are okay, however it’s an IPS show perfect looked at right on and max-brightness is Furthermore Terrific.
The screen boasts OGS (One Glass Screen) full lamination technology. Therefore you can rest assured that the Chuwi Hipad offers an immersive experience even though playing games or binge-watch your favorite series.

Design & Build Quality

From the front, the Chuwi Hipad looks as any usual 10.1-inch Android tablet. However it’s not until you turn it about that you see the gaming detail.

Unfortunately there is no back LED lights.

It uses a full metal body which feels fairly top quality in your hands. Moreover, because of to the rounded corners, a slim body, and the slanting back, it’s fairly ergonomic as nicely.

The smartphone is In addition light-weight – 490g Therefore won’t be tiring your hands out during these long sessions.

Chuwi Hipad Overall performance

Chuwi hipad tablet quick review

So we have found that the Chuwi Hipad looks superb. But what about the experience?

Since the Hipad is a tablet aimed at gamers, the pressure is high to deliver on experience.

Browsing the UI I see some lags. It’s not smooth as it should be.

Let’s start with the processors. Under the hood, the Chuwi has used the Helio X27 chipset to power the Hipad. This was the flagship-level CPU produced by MediaTek in 2017.
It follows the 20nm manufacturing process and features 10-cores structure.
And for handling the graphics overall performance, the X27 used the integrated Mali-T880 GPU with an 875MHz clock speed.

By 2018 standards, the X27 isn’t everything extraordinary, however it will yet run all those high-end games and heavy programs.
But much heat will appear.

But let’s see some benchmarks.


Chuwi hipad tablet quick reviewChuwi hipad tablet quick review


Chuwi hipad tablet quick reviewChuwi hipad tablet quick review

The Chuwi Hipad sports a 3GB’s of RAM and 32GB’s of onboard storage.
If you bother yourself is it enough, well depends do you do multitasking. If you dont so it will fit your needs.

Chuwi hipad tablet quick review

In comparison to a 6GB tablet, it means you’re going to have to close down few of these access apps a bit far more sometimes to free up the Hipad’s memory.
However with Android 8 being pretty adept at RAM management, you’ll only notice the 3GB when pushing the Hipad to its max.
About storage, there is with no hiding the fact that 32GB of memory is just too low.
Especially taking into consideration a portion of the space will be taken up by the OS itself. However thankfully, there is support for expandable storage. Therefore when you want to, you could pop-in up to a 128GB microSD card, and more room appears for your movies, pictures & games.


Tablets are not generally associated with outstanding camera experience, and the Chuwi Hipad has no intention of break this stereotype.
The device arrives with a 5MP shooter on the front and the back. The image good quality is average.

Battery Life

Chuwi hipad tablet quick review

With the nicely optimized Helio X27 cpu, and huge 7000mAh battery, the Hipad offers good battery life letting you rack up those headshots in PUBG or Modern Combat.

I’ll expect to get between 5-7 hours screen-on period. Although, be expecting fewer than this when gaming as this is the most power hungry task a tablet or cameraphone could enjoy.

Chuwi Hipad Connectivity

Chuwi hipad tablet quick review

With this low-cost price tag Chuwi pull off some sensors like gyroscope or compass, Therefore VR & games like Pokemon Go are limited.
It’s Furthermore missing an ambient light scanner meaning We’ll have to manually adjust the brightness yourself.

The Hipad arrives equipped with dual-band AC WiFi for the fastest & other stable connection after gaming. The 5GHz band has much better signal stability when indoors and is occasionally less crowded than 2.4Ghz if you live in an apartment.

It’s a little disappointing not to view the Hipad embrace USB Type-C still, however by no means a deal-breaker. We also have Bluetooth 4.1 and a 3.5mm headset jack bundled.

So must you buy the Chuwi Hipad Gaming Tablet?

Choosing last several years flagship MediaTek X27 chip is a smart shift. It’s not only helped to keep the cost down however In addition provides the tablet with high-end performance.
While I would have liked to have seen at least 4GB of RAM, the 3GB is enough for gaming with a little Android management.

The true high-points for the Hipad arrive from the metallic frame mixed with the FHD+ brilliant show.
I don’t mind that it’s missing USB Type-C, a gyroscope and a very good scanner as none of these impact the gaming functionality of the Chuwi Hipad.

So we can conclude:

All Steel Design and style
Solid Overall performance
Large Brilliant IPS Present
Low-cost Price tag Tag
Android 8 OS
Lightweight at 490g


Low-res Cameras
Missing USB Type-C
Lacking Sensors
Laging interface

You can find Chuwi Hipad here:
1. GearBest at $134.99
2. Banggood at 139.99
3. GeekBuying at $149.99

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