Chuwi Hi9 Pro 3GB/32GB review

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So this is one of these mediatek helio X 20 tablets

GPS FM radio and dual SIM LTE.
When it comes the GPU it’s paired up with the old Mali-T880 isn’t exactly the quickest however you could yet enjoy games as long as you’re on the lower settings which includes pubG.
hi9 Pro has an 8 megapixel scanner on the rear of it 5 up front.

It even has an earpiece and may be
used as a mass of 8.4 inch mobile phone!

so the screen resolution is 2560 by 1600
it’s a fully laminated IPS show so it

must look really good and the battery
capacity is a 5000 milliamp hrs and it even has a type C port.

is missing to me is micro HDMI out or at
least HDMI out by the type C port what it doesn’t unfortunately support so let’s take a Check what we Take in the box:

Chuwi hi9 pro 3gb/32gb reviewChuwi hi9 pro 3gb/32gb reviewChuwi hi9 pro 3gb/32gb reviewChuwi hi9 pro 3gb/32gb review

that SIM tray slot so it’s either micro SD card nano SIM or 2 nano SIM.

Chuwi hi9 pro 3gb/32gb review

here we get a black type-c cable truly
nice to view it’s using type-c by the waya nd not micro USB.
And then our compact little charger Below which is rated to 5 volts 2 amps.

weighs 375 grams and is around about 9.35 millimeters at the highest point.
hi9 Pro has this steel alloy on the rear however the tops and backside are built out of plastic which is for the wireless antennas of course and then the LTE antennas.

Chuwi hi9 pro 3gb/32gb reviewChuwi hi9 pro 3gb/32gb review

the bottom you’ll discover just a single mono speaker.

The rear digital camera Right here is in a samsung – 8 megapixel one autofocus and you’ll look at up the top here we’ve got the sim tray.

Chuwi hi9 pro 3gb/32gb reviewChuwi hi9 pro 3gb/32gb review

The tiny little hole there seems to be like a reset button perhaps.
Straight on the top you’ll discover a 3.5 mm a headset jack with microphone support then the type C port for data and charging it’s only USB 2 spec.

Chuwi hi9 pro 3gb/32gb reviewChuwi hi9 pro 3gb/32gb review

Right here you could view everything we don’t normally buy on an 8.4 inch tablet and that is an earpiece Therefore yes it could be used as a phone it has a proximity digital camera and perhaps even an ambient light scanner I hope.
There’s a sensor there as effectively what is a five megapixel one.

Therefore general for the value the build top quality.

it does arrive with a pre applied display protector you can see.

so Right here we go in Android its stock Android and those are the pre-installed applications Therefore it is a really light ROM and you’ll view that we’ve Furthermore got right there FM radio.
So you just want to connect up a headphone that acts as the antenna and then you’re ready to go with that you don’t Quite get that on a lot of tablets just like GPS too what is really good to have.

Chuwi hi9 pro 3gb/32gb review

Therefore you 25 gigabytes free on this 32 gigabytes of storage but do remember that you can at least include a micro SD card to this and expand upon that memory.

Currently it is operating android 8.0 – not 8.1 unfortunately and the security patch level is from June the fifth.

taking into consideration the price tag of this tablet it
does have fairly good colour

at all maximum brightness is in which it’s lacking I feel a little here it ships out of 250 Lux.
For a fully laminated panel which is nice indoors however outdoors really I would such as to view a lot far more brightness.

The present as nicely as 2.5 D so it has those good-looking rounded edges Right here and I don’t know whether it’s dragon tail or gorilla glass.

Chuwi hi9 pro 3gb/32gb review

It did come with a pre-applied screen protector so I would probably leave that on.

So sensors extremely basic Below we’ve just got an accelerometer and then a proximity camera sensor however when you use it as a large mobile cameraphone.

I haven’t had any issues with touch response you just notice animation lag all with the tablet just feels a little on the laggy facet a little sluggish especially after you go multitasking.

YouTube Netflix that very works nicely.
I tried it out but it’s only standard definition.

Chuwi hi9 pro 3gb/32gb review

I did deliver a cameraphone call on this and I didn’t expect it was likely to be wonderful qualities as it was Therefore I would say is not truly loud enough.

It tends to vibrate distort at the minimum Therefore not great top quality but once again it’s kind of nice to have this in Right here and at this price tag point.

I feel it’s okay and I tried out the speakerphone it’s not vibrant either however it OK too.

Chuwi hi9 pro 3gb/32gb review

GPS it performs ok it doesn’t lock on to every single satellite out there.

Mediatec for me have never had the suitable GPS as Qualcomm.

4G speeds tried Right here really great no problems with the signal strength.

Chuwi hi9 pro 3gb/32gb review

internal storage speeds 67 megabytes per second sequential and 45 writes fairly slow this is not MMC 5.1 spec this is only MMC 4.5.

this chipset pushing the 2560 by 1600 resolution and ebooks they Check nice on the panel due to the fact it is very sharp

presently I’m moving on to gaming so I’m heading to test out a extremely demanding title which is pubG you’re probably informed of it and fortnight’s moreover likely to be out early for many devices.

But let’s see some benchmarks:
Chuwi hi9 pro 3gb/32gb review

Chuwi hi9 pro 3gb/32gb review

The games seriously struggling to buy 30 frames per second presently it is playable.

But lighter titles such as shadow fight 3 this does run with fluid playable framerates Lots smoother.

Charge times also are not great you’re looking at almost 3 and a half hours to fully charge this tablet.

3.5 millimeter headphone jack output is very clean and there’s no static Therefore that’s another good.

To conclude lets remember pros and cons:

Good price tag – EUR 120
Shart present and decent colours
FM radio
Could be used as phone
Nice build top quality
good scanner and audio
Clean 3.5mm audio output
Android 8.0

3D games lag
DPI looks too small
Display can be brighter
Feels a bit slow with only 3GB RAM

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