Chuwi Hi9 Air vs Teclast T20 – 10.1″ Tablets battle

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The Chuwi Hi9 Air targets to prove that Android tablets are not dead with increasing smartphone screen sizes. The other company that Furthermore shows exact same declaration is Teclast with their product Teclast T20.

Let’s start with Chuwi Hi9 Air.
Its external size of Hi9 Air are 241.7 x 172.0 x 7.9mm.

Chuwi hi9 air vs teclast t20 – 10.1″ tablets battle

Its 10.1-inch show size and resolution of 2560 x 1600 gives the gadget a large amount of display true estate.

Chuwi hi9 air vs teclast t20 – 10.1″ tablets battle

Inside the Hi9Air is a MediaTek 6797 Helio X20 Deca core CPU with an ARM Mali-T880 graphics chip running at 780MHz. it appears faster than the Hi9. It comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. There is Additionally the option to include a TF card up to 128GB.

Chuwi hi9 air vs teclast t20 – 10.1″ tablets battle

It has an 8,000mAh battery, what will give you up to about six hrs of usage, as well as a 3.5mm headset jack, and a micro USB slot. The SIM tray will get two SIMs, what can be configured for mobile data use, phone calls or SMS sms.

Chuwi hi9 air vs teclast t20 – 10.1″ tablets battle

The tablet has 5G and 2.Lte Wi-Fi, too, and its functionality is good-looking here. I saw with no lag in programs loading or basic tablet functions.

Teclast‘s fresh generation flagship tablet T20 is finally out there. After a lifetime of choice, Teclast T20’s exploration of the word “ingenuity” continues. The launch of the T20 is still based on the idea of making faster and improved tablets, and improved meets the needs of users watching videos, playing games and reading.

Chuwi hi9 air vs teclast t20 – 10.1″ tablets battle

Teclast choose the Helio X27  – strong ten-core processor with much better performance in the Teclast T20 , making it the world’s initially tablet with the Helio X27 cpu. Up to 2.6GHz peak frequency, making it much more handy to handle large tasks, three cluster core distribution, continuing high-energy and low-power cpu features. The GPU is equipped with the Mali-T880MP4 picture processor, what operates at up to 875MHz. Compared with the previous generation, the comprehensive functionality of the Mali processor has increased by 30%.

Chuwi hi9 air vs teclast t20 – 10.1″ tablets battle

The Teclast T20 follows the highly acclaimed 10.1-inch 2.5K Sharp full-fit dazzling screen, even though adding GFF touch present technology to enhance the screen response speed, with the oleophobic layer to make the display feel smoother and performance a fresh level. In addition, Teclast has moreover optimized the brightness experience to increase the brightness of the T20 by 35% in comparison to the previous generation.

Chuwi hi9 air vs teclast t20 – 10.1″ tablets battle

The all-metal body is lighter and the finer sandblasting process Furthermore greatly enhances the T20 feel. On the Teclast T20, it is equipped with a second-generation Sweet speaker, and the AW8736’s independent amplifier, which restores high-fidelity sound quality and louder amount.

Chuwi hi9 air vs teclast t20 – 10.1″ tablets battle

In order to make the tablet easier to use and much more perfect for user habits, Teclast T20 continues to develop the T20-TOS system.

Chuwi hi9 air vs teclast t20 – 10.1″ tablets battle

In addition, under the fingerprint recognition module, the one-key multi-function and application encryption function in the TOS permits the user to perform the tablet with one button and strengthen security control.

But here is the full specification table of both tablets:

Chuwi hi9 air vs teclast t20 – 10.1″ tablets battle

Therefore in conclude Chuwi Hi9 Air has a newer Android snimmer body however which is all.

In other hand Teclast T20 uses X27 high-frequency cpu, 4+64GB high-speed storage, 8100mAh rechargeable battery, and supports quick charging. Equipped with 10.1-inch Sharp present, front and rear front 13MP beauty, thin and light metal body, independent amplifier + dual sound cavity, multi-function fingerprint.

Therefore I personal choice surely is Teclast T20.

You could discover Teclast T20 from GeekBuying’s China or Poland warehouse here, USD 227.99

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If you prefer Chuwi Hi9 Air you could buy it HERE

💰Price: USD 179.99

Or from EU warehouse here

Recently Chuwi launched a new product – Chuwi Aerobook. This is a sleek design 13.3″ all widescreen notebook with only 5mm bezels and Intel Core CPU.

All technical specification of Chuwi Aerobook are:

    • CPU: Intel® Core™M3.
    • RAM+ROM: 8GB RAM + 128GB SSD.
    • OS: Windows 10.
    • Display: 13.3 inch 1920 × 1200.
    • Battery: 7.6V / 38Wh.
    • Camera: Front camera: 2.0MP.


Today March 31th a Chuwi Aerobook review is finished. So you can check it and find out  more about this stunning device and it’s price and technical specs.

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