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Apple iPhone profits in India rise by 55% in 2020, no matter Coronavirus Outbreak

Apple has recently been seeing a Great growth trend with its latest iPhone 11 series. Even so, like analysts and experts forecasted this growth to increase further, the world was hit with the Coronavirus pandemic. However, the Indian market seems to be unphased by the fears and has shown significant growth of nearly 55 percent in 2020.

Within the period of January and February 2020, the iPhone shipments in India saw a year on year growth of 55% more than 2019. However, the actual issue with the provide of iPhones during this time hadn’t entirely manifested yet. Meaning, the Great growth is heading to slow down starting March, like the reports from the previous 2 months did not suffer from provide shortage which the company now faces. Apple iPhone sales in India rise by 55% in 2020 despite Coronavirus Outbreak 2 As stated by to a new report from IANS (India’s Indo-Asian Reports Service), “Apple iPhone shipments in India grew above 55 percent in the initial 2 months of 2020. We’ll need to assess March information, and beyond for full impact of coronavirus.” This clearly states that the month of March could view the effects of the recent viral outbreak. As of straight presently, Apple’s iPhone 11 and iPhone XR are one of the most popular smartphones in the Indian subcontinent, contributing the most number of model unit shipments in early 2020. Sadly, the hit on the handiwork line in China still affects its deliver, nevertheless of its assembly strains in India (under the “Make in India” schemes). The Cupertino giant is looking to extend its operations within the country whereas moreover benefitting on custom duty exemptions through local manufacturing. But like it stands, the goals are still at nascent stages. Source

Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 Geekbench listing leaks key technical specs

The release occasion of the Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 will begin at 2 PM tomorrow. With fewer than 24 hrs remaining for the uncovering of the up coming Xiaomi phone, the handset has been spotted on Geekbench with some of its primary specifications. The Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 Geekbench listing has revealed that it has scored 2385 and 8630 benchmarking scores respectively on the single-core and multi-core tests. The phone is fueled by Snapdragon 845 chipset and 8 GB of RAM. The smartphone is preinstalled with Android 9 Pie Operation system. Past reports have proposed that the 128 GB and 256 GB editions of Mi MIX 3 will be equipped with 8 GB of RAM. Its base model will have 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of memory. The 8 GB RAM + 128 GB storage version is guessed to be offered at 3,699 Yuan. A fresh report has unveiled that there will be special edition variant of the phone that will include 10 GB of RAM and 256 GB of native memory. The Mi MIX 3 will be sporting a manual slider design and style. Xiaomi has introduced a fresh commercial Presently announced to showcase soft overall performance of the slider design and style. Newer information shows that the smartphone could arrive with a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. Few of the established options of the Mi MIX 3 have LED enabled 24-megapixel dual selfie camera, faster wireless charging and 960fps slow motion video shooting. The smartphone is also gossiped to be equipped with 3D facial recognition feature.

Unlocked LG G6 drops to all time low of $499.99

The LG G6 has already seen its fair share of deals, despite only being on the market for a few weeks. However, so far most of those offers have come from carriers, at least in the US. But what if you want to grab a G6 for cheap(er), but don't want anything to do with a carrier? Well, today an eBay seller with 99.8% positive feedback has come to your rescue. It's offering the unlocked LG G6 for only $499.99. That's a cool $100 less than what you'd expect to pay for such a handset, but there are quite a few caveats. First off, this isn't the unlocked model meant for the US market....

Check out the first Meizu M6 Note camera samples

Earlier today Meizu launched the M6 Note with dual camera setup on the back. And now we get a few samples from the 12MP+5MP combo sensor, showing what it can do. We won't draw any final conclusions from official samples, but colors certainly look punchy and the portrait mode did a great job. Meizu M6 Note camera samples Meizu even did a low-light comparison between its mid-ranger and the Huawei P10 with its Leica dual camera. The M6 Note clearly did a much better job with the exposure, but the samples are downscaled so we can't say much about the detail...

Apple to reward a teen who discovered a bug on Group FaceTime

Recently, a 14-year-old made an interesting discovery on Apple‘s proprietary videotelephony gadget, FaceTime. He discovered that you could include yourself to a Group FaceTime call and force recipients to answer immediately. To induce this, the user starts a FaceTime video call with a contact, then whereas the call is “ringing,” they add themselves to the call as a third party by tapping “Add Person” and entering their own cameraphone number. If properly performed, a Group FaceTime call is started and the native recipient’s audio begins to stream before the call is accepted. This discovery has now earned the teenager identified as Grant Thompson a recognition and reward from Apple. The tech giant has established that it will be promoting the family with compensation for finding the bug as part of its bug bounty reward program. The teenager will Furthermore receive a scholarship for his education what is truly a gift from Apple. No quantity was stated however if the compensation is part of the company’s Bug Bounty program, the number could be anywhere between $25,000 and $200,000. Apple to reward a teen who discovered a bug on group facetime Apple was at initial sluggish to acknowledge the bug when Thompson’s mother Michelle attempted to warn Apple about the exploit a week before it became major news. The company was prompted to acknowledge the problem! and the discovery whenever handful of tweets about the issue. The feature was temporarily disabled however the bug has currently been fixed in the latest iOS 12.1.4 and macOS Mojave updates. The release note for the new iOS 12.1.4 variant includes an acknowledgement of the discovery, crediting Grant together another individual identified as Draven Morris. Source, via