Chinese iPhone users Apple IDs compromised in a world scam

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Chinese iphone users apple ids compromised in a world scam
Apple iPhones are considered as the other secure and safest smartphones, but yet, few loopholes could trick users into a scam. Similarly, in a recent event that has happened with the iPhone users in China, hackers compromised their Apple IDs. Some iPhone users are complaining When it comes unauthorized purchases of thousand usd being made on the Apple App Store.

Those unauthorized purchases are generated in world programs in China. From past one month, many users have complained regarding individuals kinds of thefts. A man in the southeast China obtained hit with the bill of 3000 Yuan (~$432) when his Apple ID was used to purchase couple of games. Even, a college-going student Li obtained duped of 648 Yuan (~$93) with her new Apple ID. Here’s the response she received in support, “Apple’s consumer service said they could do nothing When it comes it.” Amazingly, Apple authorities denied any refund for few users.

Currently, there’s no concrete information about how the whole scam is working, but it’s coming to be originated from easy pay code scans. In an formal statement, Apple said that affected accounts could have exposed when they scanned scam Quick Response (QR) Codes.

Apple has conveyed a message to users to shut the feature as early as possible and use passcodes to authenticate payments.

Overall, around 700 guys have been affected and only a handful of have received the refunds. Others are still waiting around or got denied for any reimbursements.

Apple ID is an major part of the iOS ecosystem, it is used to authenticate a person’s identity and is used while purchasing applications, and for using various iPhone services.

We think Apple should alleviate individuals frauds by adding some more authentication steps. Even users need to be aware of those kinds of scams and use precautionary methods whereas performing any payment request.

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