Chinese cameraphone makers retainmore than 66% market share in India for Q1 2019

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Chinese smartphone makers have increased their dominance higher than the Indian market in Q1 2019. Counterpoint research report displays that four of the top five phone companies in India are Chinese and they have captured a solid 66% market share in the previous quarter of the year.
Source: Counterpoint Research

Xiaomi’s market share dropped slightly from 31% in Q1 2018 to 29% in Q1 2019, while Vivo saw a significant rise in its market share during the similar period. It went up from just 6% last year to a staggering 12% in the initial quarter of this year. Even Realme saw a fast rise in its market share, capturing a decent 7% share of this highly competitive market. OPPO’s market share increased a bit to 7%.

Source: Counterpoint Research

Samsung’s phone shipment market share dropped slightly to 23% in the previous quarter, down by 3% YoY. However, the company gained some moment in the include phone market with an increase from 10% in Q1 2018, to 15% in Q1 2019. Jio still dominates the feature smartphone segment with 30% market share. The report further notes that the company’s Galaxy S10 series is doing effectively in the country, driving up its Typical Selling Price tag (ASP) in the region.

Another brands what managed to do nicely in the Indian market have ASUS, peculiarly in the mid-range section, due to its Zenfone series. Tecno, and Nokia HMD are doing nicely too. The rise in the market share of Chinese brands has naturally led to the decline of the Indian brand shipments. The previous quarter recorded the lowest ever market share of shipments from local Indian brands.
OnePlus 7 Pro
onePlus 7 Pro leaked

Another major point mentioned in the report was that Samsung has surpassed OnePlus in Q1 2019 to become the number one cameraphone maker in the high quality section. Given that OnePlus 7 Pro is slated to launch on May perhaps 14, we could view some changes in this particular section in the coming quarters.

Finally, most cameraphone companies are making a powerful push into retail profits. Xiaomi, OnePlus, and even Realme benefitted from an increased focus on brick and mortar stores. So, we could possibly anticipate the strategy to continue in the coming quarters.


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