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Xiaomi launches the Mijia Xiaobai Smart Camera Battery Edition

Xiaomi‘s MIJIA-brand smart camera ships in handful of shapes and sizes however a handful of stuff peculiar to all is the minimalist design, smart feature and quality image output. Xiaomi launched the MIJIA Xiaobai Smart Digital camera Battery variant and it is presently on sale on Jingdong. The camera keeps up with the minimalist design language Xiaomi is known for and is equally inexpensive, priced at 399 yuan ($56).MIJIA Xiaobai Smart Digital camera Battery version The MIJIA Xiaobai Smart Camera is fully a wireless digital camera and could be installed indoors and outdoors. The standout function on board is the huge 5100mAh battery which it packs. That is what qualifies this like the variant and so there is going a non-battery variant. The battery could last up to 100 days on a single charge. It comes together with motion detection function which is triggered whenever a human body is detected. In that case, the camera begins recording, and the video is then uploaded to the cloud storage. The camera then enters the low power mode.MIJIA Xiaobai Smart Digital camera Battery variant Xiaomi launches the Mijia Xiaobai Smart Camera Battery Edition In addition, the Mijia Xiaobai smart camera battery variant also has IP65 dustproof and waterproof design. The digital camera has 8 infrared night time vision lighting, and the camera is equipped with F2.6 aperture, what can record Full-HD video. Users could see the real-time picture on the mobile cameraphone. Via

Asus Zenfone 3 gets an Oreo serving

Asus is not a large manufacturer by sales volume but its update track record is decent if not quite the best. The company has just started delivering the latest Android Oreo to its Zenfone 3. Both the ZE520KL with a 5.2" screen and the more powerful ZE552KL with a 5.5" display and bigger battery are getting the latest Android version. ASUS Zenfone 3 Oreo update Asus is bringing Swipe up to All apps gesture, similar to the native Oreo app launcher. The system update offers a friendlier UI design of the Settings menu and removes some unused apps like Minimove, Photocollage...

Google kills off instant search results as you type

Back in 2010, Google launched what at the time seemed like an amazing innovation in the search field: instant results. Google Instant has, for the past seven years or so, showed you the first page of results while you were typing your query. On computers, this has helped you save a lot of time coupled with the search giant's instant suggestions. But on mobile Google Instant makes no sense, given that your keyboard is taking up half your screen while you're typing, and most of the rest is obscured by your fingers anyway. And over 50% of all Google searches are made on mobile devices...

16 students arrested for playing PUBG Mobile

It could sound impossible for a lot of people in 2019, however week ago the state of Gujarat in India banned PUBG Mobile, so people in this state can truly face legal problems for playing a mobile game on their smartphone. The reason behind the ban is the game‘s impact on players behavior, conduct, and language. Even though there are other battle royale games even extra used than this one, such as Fortnite and Apex Legends the ban only affects PUBG Mobile. Despite the ban, 10 university students decided to keep playing the game and, as stated by to the Indian Express, all of them were arrested for doing this. They were caught playing the known battle royale a week whenever the ban in Gujarat. Fortunately, all of them were released on bail. As stated by to a police official in the state, the game was so addictive that the accused students did not even notice his team coming to them, and that is how they caught them doing the illegal thing. That is not the only arrest happened during the last days. Whenever those ten students, six more students between the ages of 18 and 22 were arrested on Thursday for playing PUBG Mobile. They were unveiled on bail just like the other ones. Do you think these guys deserved the ban for playing a mobile game? Let us know your opinions by using the comment box Here. via

Nokia 6 comes to the United States in early July

Nokia 6 is coming to the US market, HMD Global announced today. The phone will be available in early July on Amazon. The Nokia 6 will initially be sold in Matte Black and Silver color options with a price tag of $229. HMD's current star will also be available in Tempered Blue and Copper "later this summer". This version of the Nokia 6 has 3 GB RAM and 32 GB storage, expandable to 256 GB through a hybrid microSD slot. The phone will be fully compatible with the T-Mobile network. On AT&T it will have limited connectivity since bands 29 and 30 are not supported. Sprint and Verizon...