BOE Will Produce its 6th Gen AMOLED Screens in Fuzhou, It’s a 46.5 Billion Yuan Investment

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Boe will produce its 6th gen amoled screens in fuzhou, it’s a 46.5 billion yuan investment

BOE is one of the biggest players in AMOLED panel technology on China’s land. Since of that, the company managed to obtain their tech on some flagship gadgets from other Chinese manufacturers in the recent several years.

Today, December 26th, BOE earlier that it targets to build a 6th generation AMOLED production line in Fuzhou with a total investment of 46.5 billion Yuan, When it comes 6.8 billion Dollars.

In the press release, we You could learn that BOE and Fuzhou’s Municipal Government together with Fuqing Municipal Government signed an agreement for the 6th generation AMOLED (Flexible) production to take place in said regions. In Those factories they’ll be producing high-end mobile cameraphone displays as nicely as other new and emerging mobile screen technologies. That said, we still don’t have a site for the plants, what will be made a decision by every party involved.

According to the investment agreement, the area of the glass substrate of the 6th generation AMOLED (flexible) will be 1500mm?1850mm, with an coming production of 48,000 pieces per month (of the glass substrate).

Finally, it’s been In addition announced that BOE will raise 11.4 billion Yuan ($1.6bln) in registered capital for the project. Meanwhile at the close Presently, BOE A went up 1.94% (2.63 Yuan), with a total market capitalization of approximately 91.520 billion Yuan ($13bln).

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