Black Shark phones will have a notch and ToF camera reveals a Patent

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Just last week, Black Shark unveiled a new gaming smartphone called the Black Shark 2. It is its third gaming phone because it entered into the phone manufacturing business last year. Today, patent diagrams of what could be its up coming cameraphone have surfaced online and they tell some massive changes approaching to the Black Shark line.

The design patent was filed back in December 2018 by Xiaomi at the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) before it was published last week.

Black Shark phones will have a notch and ToF camera

All the Black Shark gaming smartphones released till date do not have a notch however the Black Shark 3 or whatever the up coming one is named could have one as stated by to the diagrams. One of them has a waterdrop notch and there is an additional with a wider notch. Since there is a notch, the bezels have been shaved off.

The Black Shark gaming phones support external controllers that are attached to the angles of the cameraphone, so you shouldn’t have to worry about your hands covering the screen whereas playing.

Additional new function the up coming phone could have is triple rear cameras. The third camera is said to be a ToF sensor for 3D object scanning, AR, and 3D photography. Because this is a gaming cameraphone, we won’t be surprised if game developers release 3D objects that could be purchased and scanned to be used in their games.

For example, you can purchase a figurine for a new character or weapon and all you have to do is do a 3D scan with the camera what then adds the character or weapon to your profile. So you have a new character/weapon to use in the game and Furthermore a figurine which could be part of a collection.

There are Furthermore diagrams appearance the phone with two cameras. So don’t be surprised if Xiaomi doesn’t add the ToF Sensor yet.

The patent reveals the gadget is titled “Sky”. We are not Certain if that is a codename or probably it is the marketing name. But seeing as the model that unveiled after the original Black Shark is called Helo, we won’t be surprised if the up coming model isn’t a Black Shark 3 but the Black Shark Sky.


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