Black Shark 3 releases March 3rd; A fresh redesigned logo unveils

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Black Shark is a Quite young mobile smartphone company. The smartphone company is famous for its gaming phones, the first of which was noted in 2018. There have been 3 another models after the first Black Shark phone with alternative technical specs and design and a fresh one is scheduled to join the lineup soon. However, whenever that fresh model launches, it will be the initial to wear the company’s redesigned logo what was uncovered last day.

Black Shark 3 launches March 3rd

The new logo is a new take on the company’s familiar “S” logo which is truly made up of two sharks swimming. The new logo is simpler but appears much better whenever compared to the old one. It moreover ditches the neon green color for a Lots cooler shade of green.


Black Shark has not only unveiled a new logo but has In addition reported the launch date for its up coming phone, the Black Shark 3. A banner broadcasted by Xiaomi’s Lei Jun on Weibo earlier today revealed the gaming telephone will be unveiled on March 3. Black Shark’s own CEO In addition shared the banner on his timeline.

Black Shark 3 launches March 3rd 1

The Black Shark 3 will bring new options which include a 5000mAh battery ability that has far more than 800 charge cycles, support for 65W quick charging (empty to full in 38 minutes), dual-mode 5G, and a 120Hz 2K panel. The smartphone will Additionally have Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 processor, LPDDR5 RAM, and UFS 3.0 flash memory.

Black Shark is also coming to notice probably special Tencent attributes for the phone. Both companies reported a partnership last month that will look at them collaborate on software and hardware for games.


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