Beelink Gemini X MINI PC is on stock again. Here is the Review!

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Beelink Gemini X MINI PC is fairly modest in gadget design and this will allow it to adapt to extra use of the environment and easy to carry. If you are concerned about their performance, don’t be. Gemini X is great in terms of performance. It was out of stock but from upcoming week will be on sale once again.

We have a sample on hands so lets check what is inside:


A quick video review we made on YouTube here:

If you are not familiar with Gemini X here are the technical specs:

Gemini X Specs

CPU INTEL Gemini lake Pentium J5005
mSATA port with 256GB SSD
GPU Intel® HD Graphics 605
Graphics Frequency 800MHz
CPU Frequency UP to 2.8Ghz
Cache Level 2 4MB

Gemini X55 specification

Gemini X MINI PC arrives with Pentium J5005 with a frequency of up to 2.8G and arrives typical with 8G of memory.
Storage Msata 256G SDD is moreover regular but you can extend it with own SATA 2.5-inch mechanical hard drives SATA 6.0.

The RAM is 8GB LPDDR4/2400M/HZ

Gemini X55 8GB RAM
Gemini X55 size

The size is very little, 115MM*102MM*43MM and the design is truly nice and the top is glossy.

Gemini X55 cooling

The INTEL Gemini lake J series is developed for a maximum power consumption of 10W and with the middle frame and the bottom, shell are made of metallic aluminum, what can increase the heat dissipation with no losing the high-end atmosphere.

Gemini X55 msata

The SSD is very fast. We tested it and here is the result:

beelink gemini x mini pc is on stock again. here is the review!
beelink gemini x mini pc is on stock again. here is the review!

Gemini X has various interfaces

2 HDMI 2.0a, output 4K image resolution, supports simultaneous display of various task modes. So that we can work and deal with additional tasks at the exact same time.
4 USB 3.0 interfaces can basically meet the needs of consumers
TF card tray
WiFi 2.4GHz + 5.8GHz dual-band
Gigabit LAN
Audio R L/MIC.
Bluetooth 4.2

Gemini X55 ports


The Beelink Gemini X55 is A Terrific configuration for office environments, browsing, not heavy games and play multimedia content up to 4K @ 60fps resolutions.

Gemini X55 jemini lake

So if it fits your needs you can buy it from Amazon:








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