Barnes & Noble unveils Nook Tablet 10.1″: a $130 Android tablet with a sharp screen

November 6th, 2018   decode   news

Barnes & Noble just unveiled a new slate – the Nook Tablet 10.1″. It’s been a while since the last one and even longer if you don’t count the rebranded Samsung Galaxy Tabs.

The new tablet is available for pre-order at just $130 and the best thing about it is the screen – a 10.1″ IPS panel with 1,920 x 1,200px resolution and 224ppi pixel density. That’s a sharp display optimized for reading at a very affordable price. The corresponding Amazon Fire HD 10 is $150.

Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet 10.1″

Unlike it, the Nook Tablet 10.1″ runs standard Android, so you get full access to the…

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