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T-Mobile LG V30 Oreo rollout paused

Less than a week after T-Mobile started pushing out the LG V30 Oreo update, the roll out has been suspended. The device's software update page on the magenta carrier's website has been updated to reflect that the update is "temporarily unavailable." You may notice the page says the roll out was paused on May 2, but that's clearly a typo, as the roll out itself began May 7. A company representative has confirmed the pause button was hit on May 12 after the carrier received a significant number of complaints about issues plaguing the update. As of now, there's no information on...

Motorola will absorb Lenovo Mobile

You can expect a lot more Motorola models in the future. Lenovo has decided that in the smartphone market the brand recognition of Motorola is much stronger than that of its own brand and will integrate Lenovo Mobile into Motorola. That's not just a relabeling though, the President of Lenovo Mobile Group said that much of the organizational structure of Motorola will remain in place and will take lead of what is now Lenovo Mobile. (more…)

iOS 9 unveiled: smarter Siri, split-screen multitasking, transit maps

Apple opened today's WWDC event with the new Mac OS X and took a while to get to the most important part (for us) - iOS 9. Actually Mac OS X and iOS share some improvements, like a focus on security, but first things first. (more…)

YouTube Gaming app will shut down in March

The YouTube Gaming app originally launched a few years ago as a way for gamers to find content specific to video games, gameplay, and gamer YouTubers that was a separate entity from the main YouTube app. Some of those features eventually made their way to the main YouTube app, so the need for a separate YouTube Gaming app is now redundant and no longer needed. As a result, the YouTube gaming app will officially be shut down in March of 2019. Of course, the YouTube Gaming platform isn't going away, it's still going to be accessible to find gaming content via a web portal. Google says...

ARM unveils mid-range Mali-G52 GPU as well as the entry-level G31

Over a year ago, ARM introduced the Mali-G51 GPU for mid-range chipsets. However, it didn't see any use, chipset makers stuck to G71/G72 and just dialed back the number of cores. Well, time for another go - here are the Mali-G52 for the mid-range and G31 for the entry-level. Mali-G52 The Mali-G52 promises a 30% boost in "performance density" compared to a G51 on the same process node. Since bigger chips cost more, with G52 chipset designers can get higher frame rates for the same price or a cheaper chip with the same performance. Power efficiency gets a modest 15% bump. And...