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HTC U11 units in US to get Oreo update starting today

HTC has confirmed that the HTC U11 Oreo update will start rolling out in the US starting today. The Taiwanese company's VP of Product Management Mo Versi took to Twitter to announce this. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. The Oreo OS update will be available for download on the HTC u11 unlocked version starting on Monday! Enjoy!— Mo Versi (@moversi) November 25, 2017 Unlocked units will get it first, followed by carrier models. For what it's worth, while replying to a user comment, Versi said they're working with Sprint to roll out the update soon. It's coming soon....

Oppo sells more than 180,000 R9 and R9 Plus units during their first day of availability

Oppo has released both the R9 and the R9 Plus in China, and sales during their first day of availability have reportedly gone very well for the company. It turns out that Oppo was able to sell more than 180,000 R9 and R9 Plus smartphones in just one day, making their debut on the Chinese market quite a success. This number has been achieved by having both online and offline sales channels, but Oppo's big marketing campaign surrounding the two devices has clearly helped too. It has used big Chinese celebrities to promote the R9 duo, making a big fuss about the handsets for weeks. (more…)

Yunicorn video teaser shows today

Micromax subsidiary YU Televentures has outed a video teaser of its upcoming Yunicorn flagship smartphone, giving us a glimpse of the device's design as well as revealing that it'll be a Flipkart exclusive at launch.
The phone is set to be unveiled today (May 31). It was originally scheduled to be announced on May 19, but the announcement was deliberately delayed by the company after May 19 was declared as "vote counting day" by the Election Commission of India. As for specs, rumors say the device is powered by a MediaTek Helio X10 SoC and comes with 4GB of RAM.  


LG will provide L-shaped power cells for the 2018 iPhone

We might be expecting the iPhone 8, but reports about the iPhone 9 already started surfacing. According to sources, Apple had reached an agreement with LG Chem for the battery of the 2018 iPhone. The power cell will be L-shaped with a bend at the bottom and is expected to increase the battery capacity without making the whole device bigger. Source: iFixit According to sources, LG has invested tens of millions dollars in facilities and plans to start mass production early next year. Along with the battery, the display size might also be new to the 2018 iPhone. A 5.28" OLED and...

Samsung Galaxy S8 selling twice as many units as S7

Samsung is very proud of the Galaxy S8's market performance. The company is keen to share the sales figures of its latest smartphone and we got yet another update today. According to an unnamed Samsung official, speaking to TheInvestor Korea the Galaxy S8 is selling at twice the pace of the Galaxy S7. According to the official the Galaxy S6 and S7 required 75 and 74 days to hit the 10 million mark, globally, while the S8 is going to reach that milestone in half the time. That doesn't necessarily mean the trend will continue, although there's no reason it shouldn't. Reports have...