Archos Diamond Omega review

December 10th, 2017   decode   news

Not exactly a household name, at least not outside of a few core European markets, Archos has been around for a few years on the smartphone scene with mixed success. A partnership with Nubia (a ZTE-owned smartphone maker) has recently allowed them to bolster their portfolio with Archos-branded Nubia phones. Nubia has been known for their premium products, forward-thinking designs, and innovative engineering so who knows, maybe that’s exactly what the French company needed to make a better name for itself on the European market.
Either way, this is how the Archos Diamond Omega came to be and it is no secret that the handset is a re-branded ZTE Nubia Z17s. We’ve been playing close attention to recent Nubia releases, especially in the flagship tier, so it made sense to have a look at the Archos Diamond Omega/Nubia Z17s in detail when we were given the opportunity.

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