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Huawei Mate 20 Pro review

We love fall and it's not only for the beauty of nature's colorful cloak. It is also the season for all the big fat makers in the industry to pull the wraps off their latest smartphones. And what a blast these couple of weeks have been! And there is still plenty more to see before the month of Techtober is over but today we're focusing on the new Mate 20 series, which is bound to leave a mark on the industry.

Verizon appears to be throttling its Netflix data

Net Neutrality has recently become a hot topic in the United States. The idea that internet service providers (ISPs) can prioritize or deprioritize data streams for payment or otherwise doesn't resonate with a lot of Americans. Well, Verizon is seemingly about to be on the other end of upset supporters of Net Neutrality as many users (including myself) are reporting a speed cap of 10 Mbps for Netflix' Data on Verizon (some are even reporting this is happening on YouTube data as well). This speed cap occurs while watching Netflix, or in the more obvious case, while performing a

Samsung Galaxy S5 receiving new security update

Samsung has started rolling out a new update to its Galaxy S5 smartphone in Europe. Arriving as firmware version G900FXXS1CQB5 and weighing in at around 127MB, the update brings along Android security fixes for the month of February. Aside from last month's security patch, the update also includes some improvements/enhancements and usual bug fixes. As is usually the case with OTA roll outs, it may take sometime for the update to hit your device. Meanwhile, if you feel impatient, you can manually check for the update by heading to your phone's Settings menu. Via

Huawei to launch Nova 3i in the Philippines

It appears that Huawei will launch the Nova 3i in the Philippines on July 28. The name of the upcoming device was spotted by a Huawei and Honor Philippines Facebook group member. Outside of the added i to the name, we expect the Nova 3i to be identical to the Huawei Nova 3, which went official today and is expected to start selling on July 18. Huawei is known to add an i to the names of devices meant for markets other than China. Promotional poster captured by Kenneth Rizter Alba Ramos Specs-wise the Huawei Nova 3i/Nova 3 will have a 6.3-inch 2340x1080px display, 6GB of RAM,...

Meizu M6s gets certified by TENAA with 18:9 screen and side-mounted fingerprint scanner

On January 17, Meizu will unveil its latest smartphone, the M6s. Incidentally, this will be the first model to bear the new mblu brand, at least in China, where the Blue Charm line got spun off into its own division. The same phone will thus also be called mblu S6, depending on market. The M6s has just received the full certification treatment from TENAA, the relevant Chinese authority. As usual, this means we have some pictures of it to look at, and its specs have been outed as well - though we already knew those from a past benchmark run. Meizu's first handset to sport an 18:9...