Apple Watch Series 3 teardown reveals minor changes, mostly LTE related

September 25th, 2017   decode   Android 7.1

The new Apple Watch Series 3 touts LTE-connectivity. Interestingly, it uses its screen as an antenna. The good news is that this did not negatively affect the watch’s repairability. In fact, iFixit rates it at 6/10, same as the Series 2.

Not much has changed on the inside. Obviously, there’s the new Apple S3 chipset with a dual core processor and a few new chips which are probably the LTE modem and eSIM. There’s a barometer now too, to more accurately track your exercise.

Also interesting is the battery capacity – it packs 279mAh or 1.07Wh, a tiny increase over the Series 2 (which had…

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