Apple patents foldable product, with Moving flaps

February 5th, 2020   Penny Snow   news Tags:

Earlier this week, a patent application that Apple had previously applied for had been granted. The patent was for a fresh foldable product which attributes a unique hinge mechanism that makes it possible for the flaps to move, preventing the device’s display from creasing or getting damaged whenever folding.

Apple patents foldable device, with Moving flaps

The patent was published by the US Patent and Trademark Office and gives a description of the fresh hinge mechanism. As claimed by to the Apple patent, the hinge is able of promoting separation between the two halves of the display from the middle, allowing for the flap to converge when unfolded and separate after being folded inward.

Apple patents foldable device, with Moving flaps 2

Apple patented a unique hinge design for a foldable device

The new hinge mechanism is being implemented to tackle a fundamental problem! that plagues phones with a foldable screen, i.e creasing. Examples of this would be Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X. Those smartphones are successful in implementing the panel however still suffer from the crease problem. However, the fresh hinge mechanism detailed by Apple seeks to prevent this altogether.

From the Shots, it could be observed that the hinge is not a centralized and singular mechanism. The pics detail its functioning and movement that cojoins both halves of the panel via a twin movable mechanism.

Foldable phones target a niche market of smartphone enthusiasts. Like it stands right currently, the smartphones are not commercially viable for a broader audience and market. But, innovation and further development may lead to a couple of unique and cheap designs being adopted in the future. Apple appears to be to be searching into the design like well, taking into consideration this isn’t its initial foldable telephone patent.


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