Apple music Star is using an Android phone to promote Apple Music on Twitter?

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Apple music star is using an android phone to promote apple music on twitter?
This year has seen its own fair share of controversy as far as brand loyalty and competition is concerned. Few times celebrities and Android smartphone brands have been trolled for utilizing an iPhone to promote an Android phone on Twitter. Most recently, Samsung Nigeria promoted the Galaxy Note 9 on its formal Twitter handle from an iPhone. In a twist of fate, Apple now seems to be to have been caught in the same website.

In the early part of November, music star Ariana Grande posted a tweet about her Christmas & Chill EP. The formal Apple Music account afterwards responded to this with a link attached to the album. But, YouTuber Marques Brownlee, who is fast gaining a reputation as a Twitter police, detected that the tweet by Apple Music was posted using Twitter for Android.

This isn’t supposed to be much of an problem! due to the fact Apple Music is in the world to download on Android but a promotion by an official Apple account admin shouldn’t be from an Android gadget. Rather, it is supposed to come from any one of Apple’s own products. Specially after the amount of labour Apple puts into taking care of its image is put into consideration.

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