Apple limits iPhone online purchases like Global supply falls amidst Coronavirus outbreak

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Apple Inc, the outstanding cameraphone manufacturer, will presently restrict the number of purchases of iPhones in its online stores. This policy will expand to many countries like the US and China and will nicely limit a user to just two iPhone units per person.

Apple limits iPhone online purchases as Global supply falls amidst Coronavirus outbreak

This shift arrives when the Cupertino based giant closed down all off its offline physical stores in China, due to the growing fear and implications of the Coronavirus outbreak. For those unaware, China was ground zero for the new strand of coronavirus. The infection has presently grown into a global level threat and has been officially classified like a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Apple limits iPhone online purchases as Global supply falls amidst Coronavirus outbreak 2

So if one is trying to purchase far more than 2 units of Apple iPhones, a prompt will inform the user that will prevent customers from buying any more. Previously, the only time Apple had introduced these types of a policy was for the native iPhone, which was launched back in 2007, to prevent the resale of its groundbreaking telephone back then. A couple of another countries on the list include Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore like nicely.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, even wrote a letter warning its investors, informing them that the likelihood of the initial revenue projection being met is low. Its Q1 earnings will see a notable drop thanks to the coronavirus outbreak, but things need to stabilize soon. Even though the viral infection started in China, it is presently established in upwards of 170 countries. Hence, its effects are far more universal than a localized incident in Southeast Asia. So readers are advised to stay safe and exercise reasonable levels of precaution.


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