Apple iPhone profits in India rise by 55% in 2020, no matter Coronavirus Outbreak

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Apple has recently been seeing a Great growth trend with its latest iPhone 11 series. Even so, like analysts and experts forecasted this growth to increase further, the world was hit with the Coronavirus pandemic. However, the Indian market seems to be unphased by the fears and has shown significant growth of nearly 55 percent in 2020.

Apple iPhone sales in India rise by 55% in 2020 despite Coronavirus Outbreak

Within the period of January and February 2020, the iPhone shipments in India saw a year on year growth of 55% more than 2019. However, the actual issue with the provide of iPhones during this time hadn’t entirely manifested yet. Meaning, the Great growth is heading to slow down starting March, like the reports from the previous 2 months did not suffer from provide shortage which the company now faces.

Apple iPhone sales in India rise by 55% in 2020 despite Coronavirus Outbreak 2

As stated by to a new report from IANS (India’s Indo-Asian Reports Service), “Apple iPhone shipments in India grew above 55 percent in the initial 2 months of 2020. We’ll need to assess March information, and beyond for full impact of coronavirus.” This clearly states that the month of March could view the effects of the recent viral outbreak.

As of straight presently, Apple’s iPhone 11 and iPhone XR are one of the most popular smartphones in the Indian subcontinent, contributing the most number of model unit shipments in early 2020. Sadly, the hit on the handiwork line in China still affects its deliver, nevertheless of its assembly strains in India (under the “Make in India” schemes). The Cupertino giant is looking to extend its operations within the country whereas moreover benefitting on custom duty exemptions through local manufacturing. But like it stands, the goals are still at nascent stages.


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