apple granted a patent for apple pencil with a built in camera

Apple granted a patent for Apple Pencil with a built-in camera

The Apple Pencil may be having some actually cool upgrades in the future. As stated by to the United States Trademark and Patent Office (USPTO), Apple has received a patent for a stylus with a built-in digital camera and extra.

Apple granted a patent for Apple Pencil with a built-in camera

The patent description said the stylus will have a touch-sensitive area with support for gestures this kind of like taps, rotations, and swipes or a combo of gestures. This version of the Apple Pencil will Furthermore be in a position to distinguish between a user easily holding it or performing an real gesture. The present Apple Pencil makes it possible for you to turn between tools this sort of as a pen and an eraser by double-tapping the side of the stylus.

Apple Pencil patent

The patent Additionally states that the stylus might Furthermore be able to detect biological characteristics of the user these types of like heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, and skin temperature, etc.

One other patent listed mentions a version of the Apple with a built-in digital camera. The camera will be capable to capture the physical characteristics of a surface and visually reproduce it on the screen of the iPad.

Another patent has a haptic feedback include that replicates the feeling of drawing on paper while another mentions the stylus having a fingerprint sensor so that it could be used to unlock the iPad and Additionally to carry out payments.

It is not still, known which of these features will ultimately deliver it to a commercial smartphone. But, we have a feeling the fresh gestures may perhaps come with the Apple Pencil that will launch with the upcoming iPad Pro. Renders of the next tablet leaked a couple of weeks ago and they revealed the next-gen iPad will have triple rear digital cameras.