Apple cancels March 31 release event since of coronavirus

March 11th, 2020   Penny Snow   news Tags: ,

Apple iPhone SE 2 aka iPhone 9 has been in the announcement because past number of weeks and was expected to get introduced later this month, alongside with few additional gadgets, like new generation of iPad Pro.

Apple cancels March 31 launch event because of coronavirus

However, Apple was reportedly forced to difference its plan and cancel the March release occasion since of the coronavirus outbreak. Like per the report, although the event has been cancelled, the company has just postponed the announcement and release date of the upcoming iPhone 9.

The decision of canceling the March 31st release event from Apple arrives like the Santa Clara County has temporarily banned mass gatherings of people because of to the increasing number of coronavirus cases in the region.

Apple also reportedly considered holding the event elsewhere or announcing the new products through an online-only press occasion. Even though it’s still unclear which Apple has made a decision, it’s sure that the new gadgets are getting unveiled in a few weeks.

Like for the iPhone 9, it appears that the coronavirus outbreak has very impacted the smartphone’s handcraft and supply chain. It is currently being so-called that the gadget might get introduced in June this year or might obtain further more delayed, depending on the situation.

It is moreover being rumoured that the release of the flagship iPhone 12 models will Additionally receive delayed from standard September to October or November this year. The report cites travel issues like hinderance what is preventing Apple from likely forward like planned with the development of its next flagship handset.


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