Apple and Huawei sit at the top of Smartphone brands in China in terms of revenue

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Apple and huawei sit at the top of smartphone brands in china in terms of revenue

The rise of Android smartphones has with no doubt have some effects on Apple‘s iPhone income globally. Just last week Wednesday, the US company earlier that it is slashing its revenue forecast for the initial fiscal quarter (2018Q4) to $84 billion, down from the previous forecast of between $89 billion and $93 billion. The manufacturer also adjusted its gross sales margin to 38%, compared to the previous forecast of 38% to 38.5%. The announcement saw Apple’s stock price plummeting by 10% the following working day. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook n an access letter to investors marshalled out several factors that were responsible for the company’s revenue to fall short of expectations. Some of the reasons adduced have a lower-than-expected iPhone gross sales, poor experience in the Chinese market, and a stronger US dollar.

Apple and huawei sit at the top of smartphone brands in china in terms of revenue

Despite the revelation of the poor functionality in the Chinese market, a innovative report by research firm Canalys reveals that Apple’s performance in the Chinese market in the previous quarter (2018Q3) was nice, at least in terms of revenue. The report put the gross revenue of the Chinese cameraphone market was 30.7 billion US usd, and just five brands enjoy the larger share of this bounty, namely Apple, Huawei, OPPO, Vivo and Xiaomi. Among the lot, Apple and Huawei grabbed the biggest revenues, with Apple’s revenue accounting for 23% of the total revenue although Huawei had a 22% share. It must be announced that Apple’s impressive experience is mainly because of to the release of iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max at the close of the quarter, and the popularity of older models these types of as iPhone X and iPhone 8. Even though Huawei is benefiting from the hot sale of P20 and P20 Pro and the powerful overall performance of its Honor branded mobile smartphones.

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In terms of shipments, Huawei topped the market with an estimate of 101 million shipped units, representing 25% market share. This is closely followed by Vivo with a 23% market share, Oppo with 21% market share and Xiaomi with a 13% market share. Apple arrived in at the fifth spot however higher revenue than the rest. The report by Canalys In addition proves that Samsung came in at the seventh spot in China despite maintaining its lead in the global market. Finally, Nokia In addition broke into the top 10 cameraphone makers in China in terms of market share in Q3 2018. As it stands, Apple, Samsung and Nokia are the only three foreign mobile phone vendor with substantial influence in China. This once again put a spotlight on the growth of Chinese domestic brands.

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