AnTuTu reveals that Oppo R11s will have a new dual camera

October 24th, 2017   decode   news

The Oppo R11s has mostly managed to avoid the paparazzi but it slipped up by leaving its specs at AnTuTu. Here are some of the changes that this wide-screen upgrade will bring.

For one, the screen switches to 1,080 x 2,160px resolution – the 18:9 version of 1080p. The screen diagonal should be somewhere between 5.8″ and 6″, though the benchmark can’t tell us that.

The camera is different too – it now has two 20MP sensors, instead of 20MP + 16MP (the latter being the color sensor). So we’re due for an upgrade in photo resolution, but it will be interesting to see if (and how) the sensor…

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