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LeEco aims to strike balance between performance and battery life with its next phone

Looks like a new LeEco smartphone is coming. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer has shared a teaser image through its Weibo account. The image is of a circuit board, and the text along with it says (translated): "How to maintain a balance between high performance and low power consumption." Rumors say the phone will be powered by Mediatek's Helio X27 chipset, and sport a dual rear camera setup. It will also feature an AI tech that will study user's habits to determine battery-saving and performance-enhancing ways. The handset is said to be coming next month. Via

Upgraded AirPods for 2018

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo today issued a pair of notes to investors covering the availability of AirPods and the possibility for a revision to the hardware in the second half of 2018. Since their launch in 2016 Apple struggled to keep up with demand for AirPods. Even so, Kuo estimates that AirPod shipments will experience 100 percent growth and reach 28 million units in 2018. Kuo didn't offer up any details regarding the design or feature set for the revised AirPods other than that they will include a "smaller quartz component". Kuo also stated they could have a higher average...

New Oreo update for Xiaomi Mi A1 released

This took less time than expected - Xiaomi is pushing out a new version of the Oreo update for the Mi A1. That update was pulled on Friday after the discovery of several nasty bugs. The new update reportedly resolves the Bluetooth battery drain, random reboots and other issues, it also restores the gesture functionality of the fingerprint reader. Also included in this update is the January security patch. The original update packed the December patch. A new version of the Oreo update for the Xiaomi Mi A1 has been released If you already installed the defective update, the new...

T-Mobile’s Layer3 TV acquisition completed

T-Mobile is announcing that its newest acquisition of Layer3, a small cable TV company, is completed. This means the Un-Carrier is on track to launch a competing TV service sometime this year. Back in December, T-Mobile announced that it was on track to acquire a small cable TV company in order to leverage disruption of the Satellite and Cable TV industries in the US. Cable companies are often accused of trying to pull the wool over customers' eyes by slipping extra charges into their monthly bills. What makes this frustrating is often times there is only one cable or internet company...

Huawei is presently developing 6G as claimed by to CEO, Ren Zhengfei

When it arrives to the development of 5G network and compatible networking equipment, Chinese technology titan, Huawei arrives out on top. Although most countries in the world are still working to embrace 5G, what is deemed the upcoming generation of mobile telecommunication, Huawei has already begun research on 6G claims company CEO, Ren Zhengfei.Zhengfei Ren, Huawei founder and CEO According to the formal translation of his Mandarin comments, Huawei has been parallelly working on both 5G and 6G. But, the “development of 6G” is still in its “early phase” and there is yet “a long way to go” before it is commercially available. Even though promoting a time time, he mentioned that the tech is about 10 odd years out from presently. Huawei has already developing 6G according to CEO, Ren Zhengfei Like previously mentioned, 5G is now regarded like the upcoming generation of telecommunication. For readers who are unaware, the data speeds that it pledge will serve like the underpinning tech for driverless autos and critical control of remote devices like heavy machinery. Like of presently, the adoption of 5G has been limited to a handful of countries like the UK and South Korea, whilst China is expected to implement it soon. 6G The senior Huawei formal mentioned that prior 6G becomes a reality, the industry needs to set the standards which might take several years to form. Besides, it is yet unclear which will be the uses and apps of this technology. With that being said, Huawei is currently concentrating its resources and efforts in 5G and it could get a long time before we hear about 6G from the company once again. Nonetheless, we will improved update you if the manufacturer shares any further details about its development, so stay tuned. Via