An 18:9 Sony Xperia Compact certified by the FCC

January 31st, 2018   decode   news

This could be interesting – a Sony Xperia Compact with a tall aspect ratio screen. This is just conjecture based on dimensions from an FCC certification, but the numbers are lining up beautifully.

The Xperia in question has a 5″ screen (126mm) and measures 135.43 x 64.63 mm. For comparison, an Xperia XZ1 Compact is 129 x 64mm – same width, but shorter.

The FCC only gave the display diagonal, not its aspect ratio or sides. However, check out what happens when we compare a 4.6″ 16:9 screen (like that of the XZ1 Compact) and a 5″ 18:9 screen:

Would it be too optimistic to think…

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