Alfawise Mini 3 Smart Bracelet review

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Presently I’ll review the new smartband in Alfawise – Mini 3 Smart Bracelet.
Lets see which we have Below:

The panel of this fresh Alfawise Mini 3 Smart bracelet of OLED tech of 0.96″ and a resolution of 128 x 32 pixels, will have 2 tactile points, although for what they announce in Alfawise, it will In addition be possible to slide your finger to pass between the alternative readings that shows this Alfawise Mini 3.

The build is not top quality one. There is some roughness on ABS and even rubber.
But overall is not Therefore bad 🙂

It seems to be descent next to my Xiaomi Cor band.

The band should have Waterproof IP67 certification but the manifacturer advise only washing arms and not take a shower.

Unlike the previous variant, this fresh model will have a heart rate monitor on the back however with the novelty that it will allow us to monitor our pulsations throughout the day and not only whenever we activate the heart rate monitor to know our pulsations at that particular moment.

But this is not all! Not the band feature sport blood pressure measuring!
Of course this is not proper so don’t trust it. It’s much more like info.

Apart from monitoring our activity, the software with what we will manage this bracelet in our Telephone, will In addition allow us to control the digital camera of our terminal remotely , configure silent alarms, count our steps, monitor our sleep, measure our heart rate during the exercise or share our physical activity, configure notifications, etc.

Moreover it could receive all notification and support foreign languages as Cyrillic.

It will have a battery of 110mAh that will grant a range of 5 to 7 days and up to 20 if it is in standby.

As with all this type of bracelets, this Alfawise Mini 3 will synchronize with our Phone through the Bluetooth connection, in this skin in its variant 4.0 and because of to its chip nRF51822 consumption will be minimal.

In order for this Alfawise Mini 3 to work with our Smartphone it will have to have at least variant 4.3 of Android or iOS8.0 if we have an iPhone.

To conclude i could say this band has a ton of features but the build is not so Good.
The price now is 16 EUR and you can get it HERE
Or maybe Xiaomi Mi Band 2 for 16 EUR from HERE
But you can purchase Furthermore Mi Band 3 for 21 EUR from HERE
✂️Coupon: IVBAND3
Or even AMAZFIT Cor for 34 EUR HERE
All depends of your cheap 🙂

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